Apple TV+ is Apple’s subscription-based on-demand streaming service that provides viewers with exclusive and original content through various platforms.

Despite being a new streaming service in the market, Apple TV+ has more than enough content to feast your eyes upon.

But being a software application, Apple TV+ may tend to show signs of bugs and glitches from time to time, which may hamper the user experience.

Apple TV+ crashing on Chromecast
Apple TV+ crashing on Chromecast

In that context, recently complaints on Google forums and Reddit started to come in where Apple TV+ on Chromecast with Google TV (Android TV) is crashing for some users while watching Dolby Vision content. Some of the complaints are as follows.

Apple TV+ crashing while watching dolby vision content

Apple TV plus freezing and then the Google tv OS crashes while watching Dolby vision content after April update. LG CX, WebOS Apple TV app no issues with Dolby vision. Disney Plus no Dolby vision on Google TV. Again LG CX WebOS, Disney plus Dolby Vision content works perfectly fine. iTV app, screen goes black when there are ads.

Just started today. Apple TV+ will freeze and crash my Chromecast. It restarts and all is well for a while. Not noticed on any other apps.

The exact root cause of the issue is not known therefore, in order to get rid of the issue temporarily, people have figured out some workarounds for the same.

Workarounds for Apple TV+ crashing on Chromecast

1. Change to Standard video quality – In the Apple TV+ app, there’s a setting to force the app to load videos in standard quality. As Dobly Vision only supports high definition content, it won’t be applied to the standard quality making the AppleTV + to not crash.

I had the same issue, but found a setting in the app which forced the app to use SD, while it is lower resolution it doesn’t freeze and crash anymore.

Though, if you can’t compromise on quality, this workaround isn’t for you.

2. Disable Energy Optimisation – This is a bit of a hit or miss where some people have been successful in getting rid of the crashes while for some the issue still persists. Have a look for the workaround below by a user on Google forums.

I then went to Google Chromecast Settings > Apps > Special app access > Energy optimisation and disabled energy optimisation for the Apple TV app. Hasn’t crashed for me today after a full day of watching content through the app. Could be a possible workaround until Apple updates the app.

We also found that a update for Apple TV+ was rolled out after users started facing crashes but that particular update had nothing to do with the issue and it still persists.

Got an update yesterday for Apple TV+, and was hoping it might fix the issue. But watched a 30 minute show and it froze TWICE during that time.

If none of the workarounds gave you any positive result then all you can do at the moment is to wait for an update which patches this annoying issue.

Another thing to note here users with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TV are not facing crashes on Apple TV+ and Dolby Vision content works perfectly for them.

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