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Call of Duty Warzone has been surrounded by a string of bugs and issues lately, making it totally duff gameplay.

From recalling old Battle Passes to not being able to play the game on Battlenet, Call of Duty has ruined the Warzone for gamers.

Things just don’t stop there as there appears to be an even more nuisance bug in the game.

Warzone gamers are perturbed by the “Dev error 5573” error that kicks them out of the lobby. Even if the game launches, the bug reappears after some time to expel the gamers.

My game crashes as soon as I get into warzone main screen. Can’t change load out to me guns so I think I’m screwed. Activision nerfed every cw gun by making the game crash if you use them. Pog

experiencing fatal dev error 5573 on both pc and xbox yes ive unistalled and re installed and cleared profiles, need help!!!

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The game crashes for gamers on all platforms and is totally unplayable now with the fatal error.

While Call of Duty is yet to address the issue officially, there are quite a few workarounds other than the game’s official troubleshooting steps that may just get it working again.

Basic troubleshooting steps

The first troubleshooting step that pops up in mind is restarting the system. But in case that doesn’t help, installing pending system updates and checking internet connection speed are always a good idea.

Rebuilding Playstation Database

If you happen to be playing Warzone on Playstation, you may want to consider rebuilding Playstation Database, and here’s how you can do it.

1) Shut down the PS4 completely.
2) Once it’s shut, hold the Power button on the PS4 until you hear beeps twice.
3) Release the Power button after the second beep. There’s a 7 seconds gap between the two beeps.
4) Connect your controller to the console and press the PlayStation button.
5) It will enter into the Safe Mode, now choose Option 5 (Rebuild Database) in the menu.

Restarting Shaders installation

In case the above steps fail to make the game work, trying the next few steps should increase the chances.

1) Go to the Game Settings menu and find the Graphics tab
2) Find the “Restart Shader Installation” option and restart it
3) Close the game and before joining multiplayer or joining the game, switch to a different operator and skin

Lowering graphics settings

Graphics may sometimes play a role in an error message. Therefore, trying to run the game with lower graphic settings could resolve the issue.

Unequipping Season 1 watches

Some affected users claim to have resolved the issue by simply unequipping the earned cosmetic watch from Modern Warfare’s Season 1 from the loadout.

Playing on a different Activision account

This is the ultimate solution but will have its own consequences of losing the game progress made so far.

Reinstalling the game is another recommendation but would require setting everything up once again but is worth a try.

While game developers take note of it and start working on a fix, these are the only things that can make the game work in the meantime.

We will keep tracking the issue and post here as the story unfolds so keep an eye here.

Update 1 (May 08)

Error 5573 has finally been officially acknowledged and is being looked into. Here’s what the description says:

Various issues are causing Players to experience a game crash including but not limited to the new CARV.2 Weapon.

Update 2 (May 10)

While users continue complaining, Play Station support is suggesting the affected to try basic troubleshooting step of playing the game in Safe mode.

On the other hand, here’s a user observation regarding the issue that makes sense:

Update 3 (May 11)

A new set of workarounds can be tried that first suggests updating the GPU drivers and the game.

In case it doesn’t help, try deleting the game folder from My Documents and try playing the game to see if it resolves the error code.

While the company is taking its time to resolve it, you can follow the precautionary steps to avoid bumping into this issue.

It has been observed that the issue pops up when interacting with items of the Cold War like the CW operator skin, animated calling cards, claymore, etc. So, it is suggested to stay away from items to avoid any mishap.

Update 4 (May 15)

It appears that Warzone players have started encountering Dev errors frequently after installing new updates or patches. Head here to check out more details and vote in our poll on the same.

Update 5 (May 17)

While complaints continue to populate on social media channels, Raven Software is yet to address the issue, as the status of the problem still reflects investigating.

Update 6 (May 20)

A new update with a lot of bug fixes is out now, but sadly, it doesn’t address the dev error 5573 bug highlighted in this article. Players will likely have to wait more.

Update 7 (May 24)

Incoming is another user-shared workaround that may help:

1,Login to warzone with a different account. (I used my son’s account) 2 , Once at the warzone main menu ( where you can pick BR or plunder) on a second controller hit the button to add player (on xbox “A” button, Playstation “X” button, IDK for PC) and select the account that gets the dev error 5573.

3, Now you should be able to get your account loaded in on the warzone menu. If not repeat or phone a friend.

4, Change your “favorite/display loadout” to one that has only Modern Warfare everything

5, Once you have made these changes back out and try to log back in with the account that was messing up.

Update 8 (May 25)

The latest development on the matter states a fix has been scheduled for this issue.

Update 8 (June 01)

Until the issue gets resolved, here’s what Activision is suggesting those affected to do:

We’re investigating an issue where some players are experiencing game crashes leading to Dev Error 5573 after using a Flash Grenade when the CARV.2 is equipped in their loadout.

Workaround: Until this issue is resolved, avoid using loadouts with both Flash Grenades and the CARV.2 equipped.

Update 9 (June 04)

A new update is out for Warzone but it seems that the Dev error 5573 issue has not been fixed. Well, at least the changelog does not have any mention of it being fixed.

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed an issue preventing the FARA 83 horizontal recoil from being properly adjusted.
– Fixed an issue that caused Modern Warfare reticles to appear on the Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x.
We have a great deal of enhancements coming to all BOCW optics and reticles in Season 4. Coupled with some exciting attachment changes, we feel the landscape of long-range viable weapons will soon be as diverse as it has ever been.

Update 10 (June 07)

Another user-shared workaround has now caught our sight that has to do with removing LC10 and Swiss K31. It has been confirmed by a few players, and here’s what they have to say:

I was able to fix the game by removing the LC10 and Swiss K31 from my loadouts and switching to a MW operator. This might be different for some of you, so you’ll have to test a bunch of Cold War guns to see if they crash your game or not.

I actually got my game to work yesterday. I figured out that the Swiss K31, CARV.2 and LC10 in my loadouts and Wraith (the operator) were causing the dev error.

I only found out what guns were screwing up my game through trial and error, so you will have to sit around and equip different Cold War guns to see which ones crash your game and which ones don’t.

Update 11 (June 08)

One of the users says reinstalling the Nvidia driver may help. Here’s how they put it:

Try reinstall nvidia drivers, after that when u start the game try to change so quickly your loadout until shaders install are completed. U have 3-5 seconds gap. I did that way

Update 11 (June 08)

The official ‘Known Issues in Call of Duty: Warzone’ page has been updated recently and the workaround (added in the update section 8 above) has now been taken off. Looks like it doesn’t resolve the issue in all cases.

Apart from that, the issue description has now been tweaked to:

We’re investigating an issue where some players are experiencing game crashes leading to Dev Error 5573 or Fatal Error.

Update 12 (June 11)

An individual has suggested a possible workaround that should fix the missing CARV issue in loadout. Players are yet to confirm having any success but it might be worth a shot.

you’ll need a help of a friend here

1. let your friend log in with his account and you log in with yours and wait on the first screen,let your friend invites you.

3. Accept, Now you should be able to get your account loaded in on the warzone menu, but you have short time

4. Change your operator at first and then change your displayed/favorite loadout.

5. Once you have made these changes you can play peacefully


Update 13 (June 14)

Incoming is yet another user-shared workaround that appears to help:

dont use a Cold War operator Skin, dont use a cold war watch, dont have a coldwar weapon set as your favourite loadout and dont use the Carv if you have it in your loadout (Carv especially is causing this since last big update).. Do all of these and you should be sweet.

Update 14 (June 17)

The COD Warzone Season Four Patch Notes now say that they have fixed the Dev error 5573. Be sure to drop a comment if that indeed is the case.


Update 15 (June 18)

It seems that the Dev error 5573 is still not fixed after the Season Four patch and the same is being reported by several affected players and our avid readers.

Update 16 (June 20)

Going by latest user reports, COD Warzone MG 82 is broken and troubling users as loadout is reportedly throwing the Dev error 5573 following Season 4 update. For more details, head here.

Update 17 (June 21)

For those of you facing the error code due to MG 82, a user has shared how you can get rid of it. Details here.

Update 18 (June 22)

Regarding the error code due to MG 82, a new workaround has been shared by yet another user which may resolve the issue. For more details, you may head here.

Update 19 (June 23)

A new update is out for Warzone but unfortunately, there’s no mention of a fix for the dev error 5573 issue. It does, however, bring some improvements and adjustments for the MG 82 to basically nerf it, just a wee bit.

Update 20 (June 24)

One of the Redditors has shared some of their observations regarding the issue in question, which may be helpful for others facing the error. Here’s what they say:

Check if you’ve equipped any CW watches, are using a CW operator or have favourited a load out with CW weapons. If you have, un-equip/unfavourite them. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of all three or any of three that is causing the crashing, but going back to MW items seems to have fixed my crashing issues.

You can still use CW weapons, just make sure your favourited load out does not have CW weapons. I went back to MW operators, watches and (favourited) weapons and suddenly my crashing stopped.

Also helps if you update your GPU driver with the Nvidia Studio driver instead of Game (on PC). Reeling in 120-140FPS on 144Hz after switching to Studio on RTX 3080.

The issue seems to not be hardware related, but it’s the game itself being unoptimized and buggy. The problem is NOT your machine, guys!

Update 21 (June 25)

Regarding the dev error crashes that crept in the game after the Season 4 update, a user has shared a video on YouTube with tweaked settings that at least appears to make the game playable. You may give it a try (at your own risk though).–ikk

Update 22 (June 26)

One generic workaround that usually fixes most errors in Warzone is to scan and repair the game files. In case you aren’t familiar with how to do so, you can check out the steps via the video below:

Update 23 (June 28)

Incoming is yet another user-shared workaround (at least for PC) that you can try.

Dev Error 5573 on PC

The following solution worked for me on the PC. Game copied from SSD to slow HDD. Started from there and changed favorites loadout. With HDD you have a little more time. Now Warzone is running again from SSD.

Update 24 (June 29)

Among the root causes of the issue, the Automated Voice profanity ban could be one. As per a report, if you’ve just been hit with an automated voice profanity ban after playing the game with voice chat enabled, it may trigger the dev error 5573.

In this case, support can help you (by opening a ticket) to check if the ban is causing the dev error.

Update 25 (July 05)

While earlier the dev errors were a problem at the game’s end, now it’s coming to light that hackers can ruin other players’ experience by sending them frequent dev errors.

The information was recently shared by Tommey, who is recognized for exposing hackers in Warzone publicly on his stream. Here’s what Tommey said:

This user just joined our lobby, said hello and then gave me a dev error? Please don’t tell me it’s a new thing where players can force dev errors…

You can now (or maybe even have been able to for a while?) force a dev error on another player.

Apparently, the dev errors are now a bigger issue as they involve hackers. FYI, there is no acknowledgment regarding this from Raven Software as yet.

Update 26 (July 10)

Looks like Activision has now started to take down the videos that relate to the console cheat.

Update 27 (July 15)

Warzone players who were growing tired of the Dev error 5573 message popping up will be pleased to know that the latest update fixes several issues that resulted in Players crashing due to Dev Error 5573.

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