[App & website not working] Wells Fargo website app down and not working, online / mobile banking suffers - what happened?

There are new updates that have been added at the bottom of the story….

Original story (published on February 07, 2019) follows:

Looks like there’s a major Wells Fargo outage. As per reports, neither the website nor app is working at the moment. Even text banking is down and cards can’t be used as well.

Users are taking to social media to share the ongoing problems and issues as well as vent their frustration. Here are some reports:


As of now, the company hasn’t said anything through its social media channels on the ongoing service disruption, but we are keeping a close eye. Will update the story as and when we have more newsworthy information.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the second time this month Wells Fargo has suffered such a major outage. The company even publicly apologized for the previous glitch that happened on February 01.

Are you affected with this outage. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Update 1

Turns out it’s over an hour and the Wells Fargo systems are still down.

Update 2

A customer who got in touch with a Wells Fargo rep says they were told the company knows about the ongoing outage.

Sadly, still no word on when it will be fixed.

Update 3

More reports that the bank is aware of the issue:

Update 4

Not sure about all services, but at least the card service could be back up in an hour or so.

Update 5

It’s really worrying to see that after hours of this major outage again today, Wells Fargo hasn’t yet issued any official statement yet.


We are wondering if it’s just a technical glitch or have they been hacked?

Update 6

Finally, we have an official word on the matter. Here you go:

Update 7

Going to a Wells Fargo branch is apparently a solution for now.

Also, reportedly this current outage is due to a major upgrade the bank did yesterday:

Update 8

No more update from the bank as of now. FWIW, these recent outages come just a few weeks after Wells Fargo hired a new Head of Technology. Tough time for the gentleman named Saul Van Beurden.

Update 9

Another official update:

Update 10

Here’s reportedly the reason behind the outage:

Here’s another reason floating around:


For even more info, read this Reddit post.

Update 11

The bank’s internal systems are up, but no ETA for when systems will start working for customers.

Click the Facebook link in tweet below.

Update 12

Another official word. Wells Fargo confirms fire at data center as the reason behind this outage.

Update 13

Don’t fall for such pranks please.


Update 14

We are getting reports that the Wells Fargo apps have started working now.

Update 15

Meanwhile, fresh reports say construction dust is to blame.

Update 16

Some ATMs have started working as well:

Update 17

Beware of fraudsters.

Update 18

Systems are slowly coming back up now.

Meanwhile, if you are still stuck, try this:

Update 19

Another official word from Wells Fargo, this time about fee refunds.

Update 20

Here’s a pic of smoke at the bank’s data center (click/tap to view full size):


Image courtesy Kulr8

Update 21

Many users are still reporting problems with basic tasks like checking account balance. We are also seeing a lot of reports about issues related to direct deposits. Here are some:


If you are looking for direct deposit timings at Wells Fargo, here’s what the bank officially says:


For these transaction related problems that users are reporting, we suggest they try out these solutions:

1. Contact customer care service phone number:


2. Do dummy transfer between accounts:


3. Check transaction statement from an ATM:

And let us know if any of these work.

Update 22

We are now seeing reports that say the direct deposit problem is solved:


Meanwhile, the Well Fargo systems are down again for some users.

Update 23

More official info:

Update 24 (July 14, 2021)

IST 11:15 am: According to multiple recent reports, it seems the Wells Fargo app and website are once again not working for many and an official acknowledgement on the same is still awaited.

Is anyone else having issues with @WellsFargo app saying banking info is unavailable?

Is Wells Fargo down for anyone else too?

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