Google Nest Audio sound/video delay when using Bluetooth (pairing Nest Audio with Chromecast for video) troubles users

Several Google Nest Audio users are facing trouble when using Bluetooth to pair Nest Audio with Chromecast. Doing so results in the audio from the Nest getting outputted with quite a delay.

While complainants have admitted to the usage of Bluetooth transmitters to aid in the connection between the TV and the Google Nest Audio device, the transmitter cannot be blamed for the problem.


Grouped 2 nest audio speakers as a pair, then paired them with my TV via bluetooth. but the audio lags the tv video by at about 1s, which makes it unwatchable.

I have an Android TV with Bluetooth built-in, but I also experience a full second delay in the audio, making it completely unwatchable. A fix would be great!

This is because there are several others that are having to deal with out-of-sync audio despite not using a transmitter and connecting the Nest Audio directly to the TV.

The latency isn’t minor either and results in a massive 1+ second audio delay, effectively making videos unwatchable.

Nonetheless, a Community Specialist on the Google Nest forums recently stated that they’ll be taking all of the complaints as feedback and will be passing it along to the concerned team.


They also advised passing feedback using the keywords “Pairing Nest Audio with Chromecast for video” through this link.

However, they did say that Google doesn’t officially support pairing Nest Audio with Chromecast as an audio output for video playing on the TV.

Going by this, the lack of official support could be a reason behind such inefficient connectivity.

But while you wait for Google to fix the sound delay on the Google Nest Audio, there is a couple of things that can be tried to ease the latency a bit.


1. Try switching from 5.1 surround audio to regular stereo audio. This has been reported to reduce the delay a bit by a couple of users.

2. Try using only a single speaker until Google actually fixes the sound delay on the Google Nest Audio for good. It’s not exactly a perfect solution but is still better than having to deal with videos that are barely watchable.

Were the workarounds any good for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. The comments section is also always open for sharing any other solutions in mind.

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