Hulu acknowledges same ad or commercial playing multiple times, issue under investigation

The market conditions are increasingly growing favorable for a new way of content consumption, media streaming. 4G is prevalent in many parts of the world, home internet is at its all-time high and these streaming services are getting more and more affordable.

Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, these are just a few of the names that are quickly becoming commonplace when talking about home entertainment.

An area where these services are trying to differentiate themselves is when it comes to pricing. To one-up the competition, Hulu has an ad-supported package, Hulu basic which offers access to on-demand programming, supported by ads for $5.99/month.

This offer undercuts its other packages by a considerable margin while also remaining much cheaper than any other competing offer in the market. However, there seems to be an issue with this package, at least according to users.

cosentyx ad hulu

Did you know that @COSENTYXUSOnly is the first medication to target IL17-A (ankylosing spondylitis)? I did. Because @hulu won’t play any other fucking commercial for the past 45 damn days. SToppppppppppppp #hulu

anyone rewatching svu on hulu with an ad plan getting real tired of the ankylosing spondylitis commercials.

Hulu users on the ad-supported Hulu Basic package are reporting that some ads are being played on repeat. This can be really annoying when all they want to get back to is their content.

As a result of this habit by Hulu to incessantly play the same ads over and over, some users are even contemplating upgrading to the more expensive packages, just to get rid of these ads. (We see what you’re doing Hulu.)


This issue has been brought to the attention of Hulu and the company has come out to acknowledge the issue and its widespread nature among its customers.

Further, the company says that it is currently looking into it, which would imply that users should soon stop seeing these redundant ads when using Hulu.

hulu support same ads

We’re sorry for any upset, we’ve received similar reports of this ad playing multiple times throughout a single episode, and our team is currently looking into this. We appreciate your patience in the interim!

Is this Hulu’s sneaky way of making ads as annoying as possible to arm-twist users into upgrading? Well, we don’t know for sure but it sure smells like it.

As always, we shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb. You might also want to look at some of the other Hulu issues here and here.

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