Minecraft skin changing to Steve or Alex is a known issue, fix may arrive soon

Minecraft players are bumping into an annoying issue lately. Well, not exactly lately since reports of it have been doing rounds for months. Although there has been a spike in complaints for the past few days.

The issue in question is related to skins, out of all things, where a player sees every other player on a multiplayer server with either the Steve or Alex skin.

The problem reportedly kicks in as soon as Minecraft is started, following which the game randomly assigns the character either the Steve or Alex skin, with no apparent option to switch between them thereafter.


So ive been using Lunar client 1.8.9 for a while now, and when 1.16 lunar client came out a few days ago, I downloaded it and joined Hypixel, I noticed that the only skins that were appearing were steve and alex. I switched back to 1.8.9 now, and im wondering if anyone here knows the answer. Thanks!

so i cant see any skins in minecraft but my own, everyone else is just steve or alex and it’s really annoying me so can anybody help?

While many of the complainants state that the wardrobe malfunction is affecting themselves, there are also several saying that it’s other’s custom skins that are messed up while theirs is the only one that displays correctly.

Platforms affected by the Steve and Alex skin issue on Minecraft include PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile. Thankfully, there’s a possible workaround that may help with this annoying bug.

Turns out that the issue has likely something to do with your online state. If you’re not online, you just won’t have your chosen skin.


A user noted that when they are unable to connect to the server, they’re forced to play offline with the Alex skin.

A way to work around this limitation is by downloading a texture pack and modifying it such that the Steve skin in the pack is an edited skin.

Still no solution? Well then, your best bet would be to simply wait. You see, Majong Support on Twitter just acknowledged the Alex and Steve skin issue on Minecraft saying that the team is looking into it.


Thus, we should be seeing a bug-fixing update roll out pretty soon. For now, stay tuned to our dedicated Gaming section for more of such stories.

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