Doom Eternal Campaign upgrade unavailable on PS5; game crashing on PC after latest update too

The much anticipated free Next Gen Update 6 for Doom Eternal finally went live a couple of days back with three new graphic modes, Taras Nabad Master Level, and an extremely shiny new Ballista skin to demonstrate RTX.

The update also brings a ton of bug fixes and patches for exploits along with Battlemode bandwidth utilization optimizations and tons of balance changes.

Quite unfortunately though, new content isn’t all that Doom Eternal players are receiving with the update as there also has been a slew of complaints about assorted bugs and random crashing.


Im at the last fight in the new master level. Boom crashes back to dashboard. I lose all my progress 90 minutes worth😂. I thought this was a well made Game when it came out. But it has been so buggy/glitchy lately. Like they lost their quality control. Welp there goes my excitement for Doom. Wack

New Doom update out right crashes my computer to the point it restarts by itself. This happened after the new master level/ray trace update. I did all the nvidia driver updates. is this happening to anyone else? seriously can’t play a single game without my pc crashing.

While a larger part of the crashes that started following the update reportedly occur randomly, many other reports have suggested that they are limited to the new Taras Nabad Master Level.

Speaking of Taras Nabad, the new level is plagued by several other issues as well. There are spawn problems where the demons show up in places where you can’t hit them, forcing you to restart the level.

There are also scattered reports about broken triggers for opening doorways where punching or shooting triggers does nothing which again forces you to sacrifice your progression and start the level anew.

A larger part of such complaints may have been from PC players, but PC isn’t the sole affected platform. As it stands, there are several complaints from PS5 players who are unable to play the campaign at all.


I have the ps4 disk ver and I downloaded the ps5 upgrade but I can’t play the campaign? Just the Dlcs I bought. Help?

Fortunately, for this one, there is actually a workaround that might be of help:

1. Go to the PS store, search for Doom Eternal
2. Click on the PS4 version
3. There should be an Upgrade to PS5 button
4. Take it, it will give you the campaign file, help you on your journey!

As for the other bugs, there doesn’t seem to be any official acknowledgment as of yet. But given Doom Eternal’s update history, new Master Levels are typically buggy at launch, with kinks being ironed out with future patches.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that a bug-fixing update should be released soon that will address crashing problems and the various issues with Taras Nabad on Doom Eternal.

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