NatWest bank acknowledges issue with multiple emails being generated for customers, fix in the works

In this connected age, it is pretty convenient to be able to perform many of the tasks that would have otherwise necessitated a trip over to a given establishment, and long queues, right from your device.

That is the reality we’re quickly moving towards as banks, government institutions, and even schools make the move to offer many of their services online.


The National Westminster Bank, commonly known as NatWest, is a pretty major retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. This bank, like many others in this era, does offer its customers a way to access its services online.

Now, customers are able to perform many of the transactions they would have otherwise needed to visit a bank branch, right on their PCs or smartphones.

However, lately there seems to be an issue with the NatWest Bank. This, as a number of users, are reporting receiving multiple copies of their
bank notifications on their emails.

natwest emails

NatWest as much as I love hearing from you, please only send me one notification and fees statement – I’m up to 17 emails in the last 24 hours!

NatWest been receiving the same emails overnight, nearly every 5 minutes! What’s going on?

According to affected users, they are receiving numerous email notifications from NatWest on their email accounts, some reporting as many as one email every 5 minutes overnight.

This issue has been brought to the attention of NatWest by many of these users on the various community forums and the company seems to have heard these complaints.

In response to one of these user complaints, NatWest acknowledges this issue while confirming to affected users that there hasn’t been a breach in the bank’s systems. Further, the bank goes to notify affected users that the matter is being looked into.

natwest bank not hcked

I can confirm that we have not been hacked Karen. We are experiencing an issue with e-mail alerts at the moment. Our team is looking into this as a matter of urgency.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this issue and update as and when we get more development so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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