Google Search is without a doubt the most used search engine across the globe handling over 3 billion search queries per day.

While people mostly use Google Search to look up stuff, it is capable of much more than just that.


Google Search is capable of performing multiple actions including setting up reminders. However, it seems that this functionality has been broken for quite some time now.

Users have been reporting about an issue where the Google Search “Remind me to…” and “Set reminder” options are not working for quite some time now.

The very first reports of the said issue came to light way back in 2019 and users were unable to set reminders by typing in the said commands.

In the past I’ve been able to easily create reminders by using Google search and typing “remind me to …..”. However recently this stopped working. Instead it simply searches my query string.

Typing “remind me” or “set reminder” in the search bar is supposed to bring up the reminder screen. But Google keeps breaking this feature every few months and it’s broken again.


Since most browsers like Google Chrome have Google Search as the default search engine, users were unable to use the said commands on the web browser as well.

The issue was widespread as it was inconveniencing users across multiple platforms including the Google Search and Chrome browser on PCs as well as mobile.

While a Google Search Community Manager said that the issue was being investigated, there was no word on whether the issue got resolved or not.


Now, it seems the said issue is still at large as users have again started reporting about the same.

Multiple reports are pooling where users are stating that the Google Search “Remind me to…” and “Set reminder” options are still not working.

I am using an android phone (S10) and have always been able to Google search (using voice or text) with a phrase like “At 6pm remind me to feed the dog”, and it would automatically set a reminder that went on my Google calendar. Recently that stopped working, and instead of setting up a reminder it just searches the phrase online.

Up until the most recent update to my phone I have been able to add reminders by voice through the search bar. Now it just performs an internet search instead of setting the reminder and it’s driving me nuts. I use this feature all the time.

A product expert has escalated the issue to the Google Search team for further investigation. However, there have been no comments from Google on the matter so far.


Hopefully, the said issue gets fixed for good this time as users have been unable to easily set reminders because of the same.

That said, we will report back with more details as and when we get new information to share so stay tuned.

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