[Updated] NVIDIA game filters not working or disappeared in Valorant? Here's what you need to know

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Original story (published on June 26) follows:

NVIDIA Freestyle was unveiled a while back providing a new way to personalize a game’s appearance through the application of real-time post-processing filters.

These include the just-for-fun filter types that, for example, make the game look like something out of ’40s cinema, or color and contrast enhancing ones to make the game look more realistic.

NVIDIA game filters

You can even use night mode which reduces the amount of blue light emitted to keep eye strain under control and helps you sleep better after a night of gaming with your gamer pals.

These NVIDIA Freestyle game filters can be accessed by pressing “Alt+Z” and enabling them through the in-game overlay. Or you can access Freestyle directly by pressing “Alt+F3”.

This functionality, however, appears to have broken for many Valorant players. Trying to use the keyboard shortcuts to pull up the overlay menu to apply the filters results in an error saying that Valorant isn’t supported.


For some reason when I launch Valorant, I can’t apply my game filters that I’ve been using everyday for months now. I was playing Valorant this morning and when I came back this afternoon the filter stopped working.

Bascally I woke up today and saw that you can now hide flashes in valorant by removing hud. Now I tried this in a game but I did not use it for any advantages. lol I just used it one round. Now when I try to use game filter for my normal color enhancers, it says that its not supported?

Users have already tried workarounds like downloading new drivers, reverting drivers, enabling experimental features, and even re-installing GeForce Experience to no benefit.

While there isn’t any official word from NVIDIA or Valorant on the matter, we do have a possible explanation.

As you can see in the above video, upon hiding the HUD, players are rendered immune to the Flash effects of Kayo. It is highly likely that the NVIDIA game filters on Valorant have been disabled due to this game-breaking issue.

If this truly is the case, then we should be seeing a patch for the bug in the coming days following which NVIDIA game filters on Valorant will begin working once more.

As always, we will be keeping an on the matter for further developments and will be updating this article accordingly so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (June 28)

For better visuals while the filters are disabled, incoming is a user shared workaround that you can try hands-on:

I found a few ways to enhance visuals in valorant and csgo too.

For NVIDIA users only

Well by going to nvidia control panel you can change vibrance of your gpu output and shaprness. But there is an app called VIbranceGUI. It will allow you to set the option only for specific process/app and only to effect one monitor in case you have 2 or 3.

Another thing is to use gaming settings on your monitor if you have 144hz at least it should come with these or just config them in menu. Will help with sharpness and shadows!

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