Snapchat users are being spammed with 2FA code (Two-Factor Authentication) messages

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA in short, is an easy way of keeping any account more secure.

This is especially important for social media platforms like Snapchat where there always are hackers lurking and trying to steal access.


2FA basically works by adding another layer of protection between users and those trying to gain unauthorized access.

The extra layer involves the use of a code that is sent over the registered email ID, phone number, or even an authenticator app.

However, this important security utility has gone rogue for several Snapchat users and there’s been a bunch of complaints about it.


Alright so it seems everyone is getting 2FA texts. Its been happening to me today since the afternoon. I think it’s prolly a glitch in the system or something because even after changing a password to an insanely amount of characters, we still seem to get these texts. #snapchat

@snapchatsupport I filed a support ticket but wanted to flag that I am getting Snapchat 2FA codes via text every 10-15 minutes. I can’t block bc it’s coming from different phone numbers. Someone is manually entering my phone number. Please help resolve!

As clear from the above reports, Snapchat’s 2FA system has been spamming users with 2FA verification code messages every few minutes or so causing major annoyance.

The issue seems to have begun recently around 10 hours back and judging from the constant in-flow of complaints, it still hasn’t been fixed.

Moreover, the Snapchat 2FA messages keep coming in from unique numbers each time so it isn’t really possible to stop them by blocking the numbers.


There hasn’t been any official word from Snapchat on the matter but if the 2FA messages aren’t a result of a glitch in their servers, then it could be possible that there’s been some sort of brute-force attack being conducted by hackers on some accounts at the moment.

But that’s only a theory at this point. We will continue tracking the matter for further developments so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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