PSO2 NGS outerwear or outfit bug causing players' character to show up differently for others gets officially acknowledged

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) is a popular action RPG from Sega which is available on numerous platforms. The PSO2: New Genesis version which is a shared universe game came out pretty recently.

However, players have been facing a bug with the PSO2: New Genesis outerwear or outfit equipment which is spoiling their experience.

I hope you guys fix the outerwear bug

Everyone sees my character skin color as milky white while I see it as a dark red. I was going for a demon aesthetic but because of the bug only I am able to see my characters red skin. I’ve tried a salon pass to change the color a bit but that still didnt work.

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As per multiple reports, the PSO2 players’ character outerwear or outfit appears differently for other players because of the said bug.

It seems this is a widespread bug and is inconveniencing many players. Also, it has been pointed out that the issue occurs with outerwear or outfits from the standard PSO2 version.

Moreover, players have found out that the bug can be fixed when outerwear or outfit is unequipped or changing the hairstyle (appearance). However, it comes back when entering a new area or teleporting to urgent quests.

There is another issue, this only for PSO2, always related to outfit and outwear. As I reported in a ticket, your avatar isn’t loaded correctly for the other players, but appear really pale and with a different size. You can fix it only removing your outfit/Ou. Plz fix it.

My friends and I found a work around for it. If you unequip your outerwear, then put it back on, it will display your character correctly. It can be undone though after teleporting to urgent quests and such though, but either way a temporary solution to a long term problem.


While the said issue is constantly being reported by players, they may not have to dwell with it for long.

This is because the problem has been officially acknowledged by Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Global. It has also been mentioned that the bug is being looked into.

However, it is unclear how long it will take to fix the said issue as the acknowledgement does not include any ETA.


Since this is a visual bug, it is directly affecting the overall gameplay for players who are unable to properly recognize other players.

It is still good to see that the problem has been officially acknowledged and is being worked upon.

Hopefully, a fix for the said visual bug arrives soon so players can enjoy PSO2: New Genesis without any hassle.


That said, we will keep tracking this for further development and will provide more details when they become available.

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