Minecraft Sonic DLC freezing, dropping frames, or buggy on Nintendo Switch? Mojang confirms a fix is in the works

It’s Sonic’s 30th birthday today and what better way to celebrate it than booting up a Nintendo Switch and playing some Minecraft with the freshly released Sonic DLC on it?

The Minecraft Sonic DLC is a fast-paced 3D runner filled with iconic locations and familiar villains. Its gameplay is pretty nostalgic, guaranteed to remind old-timers of the bygone Sonic the Hedgehog game series.

However, all of the DLC’s fun and frenzy can only be enjoyed if it actually worked properly. As it stands, Minecraft Sonic DLC currently suffers from several bugs including freezing and frame-drops, indicating a lack of optimization.


Okay, so far, playing the new Sonic DLC for Minecraft on Switch is a nightmare. It keeps freezing because the levels are still in the middle of loading. Maybe I should buy a copy for my Xbox One and play it on that.

For anyone else who has gotten this dlc on the switch, is it extremely buggy for you? so far, i’ve had constant freezing, terrain taking ages to load, and half the time the goal ring for the “course” doesn’t appear. I wanted to know if this is affecting anyone else. Thanks!

As clear from the above complaints, the freezing issues on the Minecraft Sonic DLC seem to be connected to the extremely slow loading times of the terrain.

If you are one of the users plagued by such bugs and issues, then you will be relieved to know that Mojang Support on Twitter just acknowledged them saying that they’re known.

An ETA for a fix wasn’t given but Mojang did say that the concerned team is currently working on releasing one as soon as possible.

Also, while we were unable to grab any user reports, the following Minecraft troubleshooting article does imply that the PlayStation 4 is affected by the same issues plaguing the Nintendo Switch.


Of course, you are free to try out the above workaround.

We will continue to keep an eye on the status of this issue and will be updating this article accordingly so stay tuned. For more of such stories, feel free to head over to our dedicated Gaming section.

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