[Update: Jun. 21] HBO Max 'Can't Verify Your Subscription' (Subscription expired) problem: Here's what we know

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Original story (published on May 11, 2021) follows:

With most of us spending our days at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Max have become more of a need rather than a want.

And thanks to AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan bundle in the U.S., users get access to HBO Max as well for $50 a month per line when they get 4 lines.

But it seems many users have been facing issues while trying to make good use of the offer since they aren’t able to sign in to HBO Max even though they’re eligible for the service.


I’ve had the unlimited elite plan which includes HBOmax but I have yet to be able to login to the app. When I try to sign in with my ATT login info, it says “Can’t verify your subscription”. Why is this happening? (Source)

I have tried, for two days to sign into HBOmax. I used several different ways. The error messages I receive are

– Renew Subscription

– Server is Busy

– Subscription has Expired. (Source)

Why Cant ATT fix the HBO Max “Cant Verify Your Subscription” problem? Its only been a problem for over a year (Source)

Reports of the problem have been around for roughly one year but AT&T is yet to issue a public statement offering some clarity on the matter.

According to users, even though they paid for the Unlimited Elite plan and received emails confirming that they’re eligible for a free subscription to HBO Max, the app does not allow them to log in.

Upon entering their credentials to HBO Max, users claim that they get a message saying ‘Can’t Verify Your Subscription’.


That said, an individual claimed to have spoken to an AT&T representative who said that the free HBO Max subscription is only free for one year.


This could be the reason why some AT&T users with the Unlimited Elite plan are seeing the ‘Can’t Verify Your Subscription’ message.

But if that’s the case, AT&T appears to have done its best to hide the information since we’ve sifted through the official website and are yet to find any information regarding 1-year only HBO Max subscription with the plan.

However, there’s still some hope as an individual confirmed that AT&T had to add HBO Max to their account manually.


Similarly, another individual claimed that they spoke to an AT&T agent that “resynchronized” their HBO Max and AT&T accounts.

877 285-0146

According to the rep, this is the direct phone # for the department that “resynchronized” my HBO Max and AT&T accounts. I talked on the phone and chatted with AT&T/HBO Max reps for moooonthhhhhhhsssss trying to get this resolved. This agent did it in f*^king 2 minutes. (Source)

Note that we haven’t been able to verify the phone number shared by the individual. Hence we’d suggest sharing any personal information with a bit of caution.

So it appears that the best route to take if you’re also seeing the ‘Can’t Verify Your Subscription’ message on HBO Max even after paying for the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan is to get in touch with the carrier’s support.

As usual, we’ll keep an eye out for any developments regarding the issue and will post an update when necessary.

Update 1 (June 21)

IST 07:48 pm: As per a Reddit user, it seems AT&T subscribers who are facing the ‘Your HBO Max subscription through AT&T has expired’ issue with HBO Max can resolve it by getting in touch with AT&T support and ask to be connected with the Digital Assistance Center.

After that, an AT&T representative might be able to fix the problem by using the primary mobile number after which users may be able to re-synchronize their HBO Max and AT&T accounts.

Solution: Contact AT&T’s Service Line. When you get connected with a representative, ask for the “Digital Assistance Center”. A representative there should be able to use the primary mobile number on your account to allow you to log in and ‘re-synchronize’ your AT&T & HBO Max accounts. I am unsure if this solution works if you have a different User ID (not your email) for AT&T & HBO. Good luck!

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