COD Mobile bug makes bunny hopping appear as normal movement to enemy eyes; makes it harder to dodge enemy fire

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most played multiplayer games on iOS and Android. Hundreds of millions of users play it across the globe where they compete against each other in various game modes.

However, just like other major multiplayer shooter video games, COD Mobile has also seen its fair share of bugs and issues.

COD Mobile Season 4

Now, players have found another visual bug in COD Mobile which makes bunny hopping appear as normal movement to enemy eyes.

As per a recent Reddit thread, it seems that the said visual glitch came to light in this season and it is making it harder to dodge enemy fire.

The bunny hopping movement is one of the most used tactics in shooter games like COD Mobile and the said bug is directly affecting it.

Bunny hopping is a movement strategy where you continuously hop around while in a gunfight. Right now because of the bug, if you are bunny hopping, your enemy will see you walking around instead of hopping around


Also, it seems that this glitch was not present in the earlier versions of COD Mobile, according to one of the players.

Yep, i think the bug was introduced this season. I remember doing this a couple seasons back and it was normal back then

While the bug is indeed impacting the gameplay, it is unclear whether it will be addressed in a future update or not.

This is simply because there has been no comments from Activision or TiMi Studios on the matter so far. This further indicates that the game publisher and developer might be unaware of the said bug.


However, this is still based on our speculation and nothing is clear until an official word on the matter comes out.

It is only natural for major games like COD Mobile to have a few bugs and issues here and there but things can get pretty serious when it comes to visual glitches like this.

Hopefully, TiMi Studio and Activision take notice of this visual bug or if they are already aware, resolve it for good soon.


That said, we will keep an eye on this for further development and report back when more details come to light.

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