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Original story (published on July 12, 2018) follows:

Another Google smart speaker issue comes to light. Google Home and Home Mini devices are acting up while playing music through speakers connected via Bluetooth (despite them being in suitable range).

Going by reports, music not only stutters when played on Bluetooth speakers through Google Home/Home Mini but gets choppy and even refuses to play in some cases.

One of the complainants also shared a video clip of the issue wherein music just doesn’t play.

The problem with Bluetooth playback appears to be troubling a lot of of users for it’s being reported across different platforms. From Google Home help forum (1,2,3,4,5,6) to Twitter (1,2,3,4,5) those troubled have been reporting different use-cases.

Take a look at what some of the complainants say:

Why does Bluetooth from Google Home Mini to an external speaker suck so bad? Constantly choppy sound, like a lose wire from olden days.

I encountered stutter when broadcasting music from GHM to my BT speaker. It’s like buffering every second. When connecting via BT to the phone or through AUX with any other source, my Marshall Acton plays music without any problems. The problem occurs only when the music is broadcast from the GH Mini.

I paired my Philips 2.1 Bluetooth speakers with #GoogleHomeMini. There’s a lot of crackling noise while playing songs.

The bluetooth connection between my JBL Charge 3 and Google home Mini is horrible and they’re about 40cm apart. It should not be a problem with interference because my phone and iPad have no problems when playing music on the speaker, on normal ranges (currently its bluetooth is off).

The connection is there but it stutters a lot, as if the 2 are to far apart from eachother. I cannot really listen to music and the sound quality of the mini itself is horrible. Rebooting the mini seems to work most of the time but I dont want to do that each time i want to listen to music.

Google Home

Google is aware

Don’t worry Google is looking into the matter.

Some time back, one of the Top contributors on the compnay’s official help forum shared with the complainants what they got to hear from Google.

I did get a message back from the Google team and I wanted to let you know.

They are aware of all your posts and the experiences you are having with the noise during Bluetooth playback. They are looking in to this and working on it.

And lately, Google also acknowledged the issue while reverting back to some of the users on Twitter, saying

Another bug

Not only that, but the company also acknowledged a Home Mini related issue, wherein the complainant said:

Google reverted back saying:

While it’s appeasing that the company is looking into Google Home/Home Mini Bluetooth speakers playback glitch and other issues, there’s no information as to how long will it take to fix these problems. We hope they do it sooner than later.

Update 1 (June 11, 2021)

It’s been a few years since Google officially acknowledged the Bluetooth issues with its smart speakers but it seems that the search giant is yet to come up with a proper fix for it.

In a recent response — via the official Made By Google Twitter handle — to a complaint from a user regarding Bluetooth issues with the Google Home, the company claimed that they’re still working on a fix and there’s no ETA.

While we have no news to share about when Google Home disconnecting from Bluetooth devices will be fixed, rest assured our team is diligently working on a fix. (Source)

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