[Update: Clash Royale too] Genshin Impact on BlueStacks not working? Here’s what you should know

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Original story (published on June 08, 2021) follows:

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. Being an open-world environment and action-based battle system, this got the attention of many players.

This game found the exact elements in regards to its core gameplay to win attention. As easy as combat may seem, it’s surprisingly deep.

Even though the game is available and mostly free-to-play on all major platforms, some prefer playing the mobile version using BlueStacks.


Genshin Impact used to be available like all the other games on BlueStacks but for some reason, it doesn’t behave the way it used to once.

Users have complaints that suggest when Genshin Impact is downloaded from Play Store or from BluStacks’ own search, it fails to download the package and throws the error that the device isn’t compatible.

Is Genshin Impact available to play on Bluestacks or still doesn’t work ?!

When I tried to download there was an error saying that my device wasn’t compatible!

Not to rush or anything, but i’d like to know atleast a tentative date for when Genshin Impact will be playable on Bluestacks. No pressure on the devs tho! Do you best!

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This issue began to surface late last year, sometime around October when the game stopped working on emulators.

BlueStacks did acknowledge the ongoing non-compatibility issue back in December 2020 and released a statement where they claimed to be working on the issue.


But months — more than seven, to be precise — have passed since then and we still see no signs on Genshin Impact running on BlueStacks.

The status of this saga still remains the same to date and BlueStacks can still be found addressing queries by the exact same assurance message they used to.

Hi! Unfortunately, Genshin Impact currently is not working on Bluestacks. However, our teams are aware of it and are working on the problem to fix it at the earliest. (Source (2))

Even though it isn’t specified anywhere but players believe it has something to do with the Android version.

The game has support till Android 7 and BlueStacks 5 is also based on Android 7 but it has a possibility that the game no longer supports Android 7.

But these are again speculations and only BlueStacks will be able to identify the actual cause behind the incompatibility.

They better identify and address it at the soonest as a wait of over 7 months is no joke.


With that said, we will continue to keep an eye on this and update here as soon as there are any further developments in this regard.

Update 1 (June 11, 2021)

IST 03:12 pm: It appears that not even the famous game, Clash Royale could make it to the list of supported games on BlueStacks. Here’s what the support says.

Clash Royale is neither available nor supported by BlueStacks. (Source)

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