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While people in most nations have started resuming their normal lives after the coronavirus outbreak, many are still stuck at home for the most part.

And to get to the point right away, there’s no better time than now for Microsoft and Netflix to bring back Party Mode on the Xbox platform.

In case you’re unaware, Party Mode was a feature introduced on the Xbox back in 2009 for Netflix fans to watch or stream their favorite shows and movies with their friends and family in a virtual theater.

What really made the feature incredibly popular at the time was the inclusion of custom avatars and the ability to use emoticons to depict reactions.

Small details such as these are what got many Netflix and Xbox users hooked onto the Party Mode feature for the short time it was available.

Unfortunately, Microsoft had other plans for its Xbox consoles since it removed the Party Mode feature with the Metro TV update that rolled out on December 6 in 2011.

Microsoft informed Kotaku that the feature was removed since the app platform didn’t support the feature at the core. Here’s part of the statement:

The new app platform on Xbox does not support the video party mode feature at this time, so it will not be available in any existing app partners that have updated their app and any of the new Xbox app partners.

But now, a decade later, it shouldn’t be a monumental task for Microsoft and Netflix to shake hands and bring back the Party Mode feature on the Xbox platform, at least that’s what one would assume.

Matter of fact, some Xbox Ambassadors on the community forums also want Microsoft and Netflix to bring back the feature to the platform.


Apart from that, thousands of Xbox users who remember using the feature back in the day also want to see it make a comeback. There’s even a petition for Microsoft and Netflix to bring it back.

Three years ago, a post on Reddit asking people if they want to see the feature return to Xbox garnered 13.8 thousand upvotes and 540 comments.

Now, another post on Reddit demanding the return of Xbox Netflix parties has got many fans feeling nostalgic.

It’s honestly what kept one long distance friendship alive for me. I had two buddies that lived out of state and we’d all watch movies together sometimes and roast them Mystery Science Theater style. It was a great feature. (Source)

It was a great outlet for my friends and I from across the country to watch all the terrible movies and just enjoy them together. This would’ve been perfect during the lockdowns last year! (Source)

Ugh I could not agree with this any more. This was such a fun feature and I have no idea why they wouldn’t bring it back! (Source)

While folks on the internet are usually divided for most topics, it’s good to see a whole community agree on one thing — and that’s for Microsoft or Netflix to bring back Party Mode on Xbox.

A few other services have popped up to fill the void left behind such as Teleparty and Rave but they’re nowhere as good as the original. Moreover, these services aren’t even available on the Xbox.

That being said, would you like to see Microsoft and Netflix bring back the feature, or do you think it just isn’t worth the trouble?

You can share your views in the comments below or even vote in the poll below. The results should be out after a weeks’ time.

Update 1 (June 7)

The final results are out and it’s interesting, to say the least. The majority (55.6%) claim that they don’t care for the feature whereas 22.2% say they want it back and the remaining 22.2% say that they don’t want Netflix Party Mode on Xbox to come back.

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