[Update: There is an eligibility criteria, says support] Spotify Audio Birth Chart not showing up in Only You for many

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Original story (published on June 03, 2021) follows:

Spotify yesterday announced a new kind of personalized hub called Only You that is an astrological audio “birth chart” comprised of personalized playlists. It’s not much different in essence when compared to the yearly “Wrapped.”

The Birth Chart bunch is made up of artists you most frequently listened to over the last six months. Like for example, your Moon sign demonstrates an artist that connects best with your emotional or vulnerable side.


But that’s not all as you also get a Dream Dinner Party custom playlist where you can choose your trio of artists you would want to have a dinner party with. Spotify will then create a Spotify Mix accordingly.

There’s also a new Artist Pairs feature that is based off unique audio pairings you’ve listened to recently.

Ideally, the option to jump into the For You page is shown as a clickable header atop the home page. However, a slew of complaints shows that the Spotify Audio Birth Chart isn’t showing up in Only You for many on both iOS and Android.


It just doesn’t show up, I’ve tried reinstalling, checking updates, everything, it’s not showing up…is anyone else having this problem?

why am i not getting this, i got only the playlist, re-log, update, delete and then re-install, ive done everything still not working..hmmmm

Some users are seeing a filler slide instead, while for most of the others, nothing is showing up at all.

While plenty of workarounds like re-installing the app, clearing the cache, and checking for updates are making rounds, none seem to be helping the facers of the issue.

It is possible that the missing Spotify Audio Birth Chart bug is actually because it hasn’t been rolled out universally as of now. Or it could just be a server-side bug.


Unfortunately, without an official confirmation, it’s impossible to know.

That said, the above issue isn’t the only thing bothering Spotify users as there are several that say that the Birth Chart is indeed showing up, but fails to work properly:

I clicked the banner for the Only You feature and it shows my mixes playlists instead of the Instagram-story format thing that I’m trying to look for. Is there a way to fix this?

Yep, for some, the Only You feature doesn’t seem to be working in the advertised Instagram story-like slideshow format. Rather, all you get are regular mixed playlists.

Given the fact that both the issues appear to be server-side, there isn’t much to do other than waiting for an official fix to roll out.

Still, we will continue to track the matter for further developments so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (June 03)

And as the matter caught heat, SpotifyCares on Twitter has begun responding to the complainants saying there is an eligibility criterion for the Birth charts. Following are some of the responses from Spotify cares:

It seems that you didn’t meet the requirements that’s why you’re ineligible for that feature. For the Horoscope story, you must have made a new discovery of an artist in the last 6 months which involves streaming multiple tracks.

If you’re not seeing the Horoscope Stories, we’re afraid you didn’t meet the requirements for the feature. For more info about the Only You campaign, you can check out https://bit.ly/3wTQbrm.

Update 2 (June 03)

A user has now shared a new workaround for the Android users out there:


Do keep in mind that you will need to enable the Developer options first. While the method for that differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, on most devices it can usually be done through Settings > About phone, and tapping on “Build number” multiple times.

Update 3 (June 04)

Apart from the above-stated eligibility criteria, the market restrictions could be a reason why the Birth chart is not showing up for you. Here’s what a community moderator mentioned while explaining to users why the feature is missing for them.

If you didn’t get this story section, your account was not eligible due to market restrictions or lack of data.

Update 4 (June 05)

While earlier reports mentioned reinstallation doesn’t help, going by some of the recent reports, looks like deleting the app and downloading it again did the trick for some (only a few) as they were able to get hands-on their Birth chart.

So you may also give it a shot, after all, it won’t be harmful.

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