Some Apple TV remote (new model) owners noticing off-center placement of Apple logo, Play/Pause & other buttons

Apple products are crazy expensive compared to the competition, we know that. We also know that these products are crazy-well built.

From the iPhones to the AirPods, the computers and even accessories like the remote control for the Apple TV, all these products are built to last. Well, maybe except the AirTags.

apple tv siri remote

Back in April, we saw Apple unveiling the new generation Apple TV 4K along with the new generation Siri remote control.

For the most part, these have received a lot of positive reviews (1,2,3) and the internet is awash with users praising the new remote for various reasons.

However, it is not all rainbows and unicorns for this new model Apple TV remote. A section of users are pretty upset with their units.

It is now coming to light that there are some pretty serious quality control issues for some units of the Apple TV 4K Siri remote.

misaligned siri remote

The Apple logo is off-center on my friend’s new Siri Remote.

Reports are surfacing online of users of the Apple TV 4K Siri Remote (new model) noting that their units have build quality issues like misaligned logos and buttons.

Luckily, this doesn’t seem to impede or hinder the usage and functioning of the remote control in any way.

apple tv remote buttons misaligned
Misaligned Apple TV remote button (Source)

These reports have been brought forward by users on Reddit and the two posts have since received a significant attention from platform users, perhaps an indicator of the absurdity of this issue.

Interestingly, some affected users don’t seem to mind this and haven’t bothered to reach out to Apple to have their units replaced.

Mine buttons are def misaligned, i just dont care and cant be bothered to return it or even write about it online.

Granted, this could be an issue with a glitch at the manufacturing plant (or a child worker — hopefully not) that hasn’t affected as many users but for a company of Apple’s stature, this isn’t acceptable.

Also, in light of the whole Apple AirTags durability issue and now this, is Apple starting to lose its mojo in terms of its devices’ build quality? We just have to wait and see.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and report back if more similar reports surface or if Apple decides to address this so stay tuned.

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