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Knockout City, an Electronics Arts offering is a popular choice among users who are on the hunt for a game of online multiplayer brawl.

From being a fast-paced game to being colorful and having deep mechanics, the game has most of the boxes checked.

The game gives the liberty to be played cross-platform which makes this dodgeball game over-the-top.


It was working pretty smoothly and flawlessly until today. Players have been crossing paths with a series of bugs and glitches lately.

There’s a big list of these glitches, some of which have been acknowledged, the rest lie in hope of drawing attention.

Knockout City matchmaking ban

An issue of Knockout City players getting a ban for a couple of mins for leaving the frozen matchmaking screen is being reported in big numbers.

There’s this one bug where you get a matchmaking ban when you leave a casual game

Just got a 30 min ban in @knockoutcity for the game crashing while matchmaking :/

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Some say this isn’t new which makes it worse as the game developers decided to overlook and not address it the first time.

But gladly, we have an acknowledgment from Knockout City this time that clearly points out the error.

Some players are encountering unintentional matchmaking bans as a result of timeout errors. We are aware of this issue and are working diligently to provide a fix in an upcoming patch.


The bans are unintentional and an upcoming patch is likely to fix this issue. So, it’s only a matter of time.

Block Party Rewards problem on EA Play/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Some players on EA Play and Xbox are reporting that they are not able to access their Block Party Rewards anymore.

Responding to which Knockout City said they are working on it and these rewards will appear again in a day or two for both Standard and Delux Editions.


In-Game Naming Issues

The list of glitches and bugs doesn’t end here as there’s another bug that is tampering with the in-game names of players.


Although the support is aware, we haven’t received any further leads on its fix and ETA. It should get fixed after the higher priority issues already in line.

Some users are finding that their in-game usernames do not match their current username. We are aware of this issue. (Source)

Launch Error on Steam and Origin

Players are running into a launch error on both Steam and Origin which doesn’t let them enter into the game.

Tap to zoom

However, this can easily be fixed by performing a couple of steps mentioned here.

If you are seeing the launch error below pictured in the photo, please locate and uninstall Webroot, relaunch and try again. (Source)

It is evident that game developers really have to pull up their socks with a big list of pending bugs to fix.

But we are hopeful that these will begin to get resolved in the coming days. That said, we will keep tracking these issues and update here if we come across a workaround.

Update 1 (June 02, 2021)

IST 02:43 pm: Knockout City has released a fix that doesn’t exactly resolve the issue but helps to some extent. Here’s what they say.


Another patch will be released in the coming days that will correctly display the ban message.

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