FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Rare search filter not working on web & companion app issue gets officially acknowledged

Football fans around the world either play or have at least heard of FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT published by Electronic Arts.

This mode in the FIFA series lets players build teams using any players from all the leagues to play offline and online with friends.

But if you’ve read the title and clicked on this article, you’re probably already aware of this. So without wasting much time, let’s get down to business.

Many FUT players are reporting that the rare or rarity search filter is not working on the web app and companion app for phones.


How am I supposed to buy gold rare when it shows me BRONZE AND SILVER RARES when I search for GOLD RARES ?!!!! (Source)

Can anyone tell me how they’re finding rare golds on the app with the filter being broken? (Source)

Trying to sort cards by “gold rare” and it just shows me all rare cards…Having the issue on mobile, web app, and console…any ideas? (Source)

According to FUT players, they aren’t able to search for rare Gold players on the web and companion app since the search filter does not appear to work.

Rather than showing only rare Gold players, it shows a mix of Silver and Bronze players too. The problem has been around for about a month and appears to have popped up in the companion app after an update.

This completely defeats the purpose of having a dedicated search filter. And needless to say, the bug has left many players frustrated since they aren’t able to buy Gold rare players.

Fortunately, the bug hasn’t gone unnoticed by EA as their support team has confirmed that the game team is aware of this issue and is investigating.


The team, however, did not share any details regarding an ETA for the fix. Hence, it’s unclear how long it will take for EA to fix the problem.

That said, we’ll keep a close watch for any developments regarding the rare or rarity search filter not working in the FUT web and companion app and will update the story with relevant information.

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