[Update: v4.23.0.3165 out] Latest MIUI Launcher Alpha update (v4.22.0.2888) fixes split screen, icon transparency, & other bugs

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Original story (published on January 26, 2021) follows:

Every new software update brings a bunch of unexpected bugs and MIUI is no different. What matters more is how an OEM handles such issues. Several times, OEMs simply choose to ignore but Xiaomi definitely isn’t one of them.

The Chinese company has been constantly fine-tuning MIUI 12 since its very first releases back in May. However, they are also not completely done with adding new features to their Android skin.


As a result, with every fresh update, several existing bugs get fixed along with the introduction of some new ones. And this vicious cycle has been going on for a while now.

If interested in more info about this, be sure to go through our dedicated MIUI 12 bug tracker.

With time, all this will of course get smoothed out, but for now, users will have to put up with the minor annoyances.

That said, a good example of all of the above-mentioned is MIUI Launcher which continually receives bug-fixing updates along with fresh feature additions.

The app recently bagged an update that brings about a ton of fixes and bumps up the APK version to The full changelog for the same has been given below:

Fixed occasional crashes
Fixed the bug of overlapping buttons in edit mode;
Optimized the application explosion effect;
Fixed android R, there is no recommendation bar in desktop settings;
In the recent task layout in the horizontal version, click the most recent task from the app.

Near task virtual key to enter the most recent task when the card end position occasionally appears;
Fix the incorrect transparency of icons in drawer Fast Scroll;
Fixed the “Remove” icon in the ShortCut menu;
Fixed that pressing the menu button does not enter the recent task;
Fixed bugs related to split-screen.
(Translated from Chinese)

In brief, the launcher fixes occasional crashes, split-screen, icon transparency, and overlapping buttons, among other things.

Keep in mind though that these fixes have only been rolled out to the MIUI Launcher alpha branch. FYI, an alpha build is an early release for testing purposes and is meant to introduce new features and bug fixes.

Following this, the build makes it to the beta phase where there may be no feature additions. Rather, the existing stuff is given some nice polishing prior to the stable release.

A configured MIUI launcher homescreen

A similar software development process is followed by the MIUI Launcher and it shouldn’t take long for this release to make it to the stable branch.

If interested in downloading the MIUI Launcher Alpha build, then head over to this APKMirror link.

Do note that, at present, such alpha builds are only officially made available in China and the app may or may not install for you. There’s no harm in trying though.

With that being said, be sure to go through our dedicated MIUI 12.5 update tracker if you have already made it to Android 11.

Update 1 (March 05)

06:53 pm (IST): A new MIUI Launcher Alpha update just rolled out with the following set of bug fixes. To download, head here.

1. Fixed a bug with random opening MI AI;
2. Added the 2nd line in recent applications (if it does not fit into one);
3. Fixed the error of application sizes when splitting screens;
4. Fixed selection of the style of recent applications;

5.Fixed text clipping in recent apps;
6. Fixed incorrect desktop layout when loading an application;
7. Fixed a bug when, when installing an application, it lost its icon;
8. Fixed crashes on Android 10;

9. Fixed display of the widget with time;
10. Fixed vulnerability of the desktop widget, optimized the logic of the widget;
11. Optimized memory usage by desktop‌‌.

Update 2 (March 24)

06:20 pm (IST): A fresh MIUI System Launcher version is now rolling out with a couple of bug fixes. To download, just head here. Or if you wish to inspect the changelog first, then it has been given below:

1. Fixed occasional crashes in recents menu
2. Repaired the recommended folder that disappeared

Update 3 (April 10)

05:57 pm (IST): Another day, another alpha update (v4.22.0.3066) for the MIUI System Launcher. You can check the changelog below and then proceed to try it out from this link.

1. Fixed the occasional appearance in the buckling mode
The bug that cannot slide into the negative screen;
2. Fixed the unlock animation sometimes no animation;
3. After the desktop restarts in the horizontal screen app, the size of the recent task was abnormal.

Update 4 (April 19)

06:34 pm (IST): A fresh MIUI System Launcher version is now rolling out with some bug fixes. To download, just head here. Changelog has been given below:

1. Fixed unlock animation sometimes no animation;
2. Correct the slide in the recent task in the horizontal screen app, the background is black and flickering;
3. Fixed the animation bug when the Xiaomi mall returns to the desktop;
4. Optimized the speed of opening the folder;
5. Fixed some HR problems.

Update 5 (April 20)

04:19 pm (IST): New MIUI Launcher Alpha update just went live:

Fixed the problem of moving the search box horizontally.
Download link

Update 6 (April 24)

02:25 pm (IST): A new MIUI Launcher Alpha update was released recently with a bunch of bug-fixes:

1. Fixed the bug that the desktop is black and flashing;
2. Drag files in folders under locked layout, there is icon jitter;
3. Fixed the bug that the sliding up setting items display mismatch;
4. Fixed the length of the search box is abnormal;
5. Crashes after changing the font weight;
6. Fixed the bug of seamless screen conversion;
7. Repair folder thumbnails occasionally appear
Download link

Update 7 (May 25)

01:57 pm (IST): A new MIUI Launcher Alpha update (V4.23.0.3165-05241808) was released recently with a couple of bug-fixes and a new gesture:

1. Swipe up by gesture, add wallpaper when switching between desktop and recent tasks;
2. Try to fix the search box disappearing bug;
3. Delete redundant logs to optimize performance.
Download link

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