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Original story (published on June 9, 2020) follows:

Those who own the Google Pixel Buds were sent out a Pixel Buds survey by Google to know their experience, and what all issues/bugs they are currently facing with the Pixel Buds 2nd gen.

There was a specific section that said, “Have you experienced the following problems with your Google Pixel Buds?” with select choices that were in line with the issues which the users are reportedly facing on their Pixel Buds.

This select list of choices makes one thing clear that Google is aware of all the issues, users are facing with their Pixel Buds and is also keeping a close track of the complaints raised by the users.

pixel buds 2

For the unaware, in the official community forum, you will find several Pixel Bud owners pointing out stability and connectivity issues with the second-gen Pixel Buds. Here are some of the complaints:

Pixel Buds (Gen 2) Audio Issues. Cutting in and out while moving my head.

I am having the same issue with mine. Was disappointing today while on a hike. Issue seemed to go away when I would stop moving

I’m having the same issue with my gen 2 buds. I have a Pixel 4 XL. The left ear bud seems to be having the most issues and it is also when I’m moving. Just simply walking out with my dog it’s non stop cutting in and out.

Same issue, audio cutting in and out when walking outside. Unusable when it occurs. It seems like it should be fixable with a software update because they work great indoors or when I cover my ears with my hands. Returning mine for now though.

There are plenty of detailed user reports on the community forum, basically stating that their Google Pixel Buds are frequently cutting off and they are facing connectivity as well as stability issues.

Moreover, by the looks of it, these issues are more prominent in the Google Pixel Buds 2, which was launched recently. Besides, those who have received the replacement units say that it did not help either and for some, the matter has gotten much worse.

Got my Advanced Exchange (RMA) and the new Pixel Buds 2 replacement pair is worse than the original set…

Hardware replacement failed; firmware update failed; Google Support unresponsive; Google users are restless…


google pixel buds 2 connectivity and stability issue

The replacement buds had the same issue, so the Google CSR offered me to return them for a full refund, which I accepted. I’m happy for those of you that have had positive experiences with them, but they just didn’t work for running/biking for me. I ended up having someone recommend me the Aftershokz Aeropex, which have been great for biking and running.


pixel buds 2 complaints

As the device replacements and firmware updates have failed this issue, a Google employee recently came forward and acknowledged the issues regarding the Google Pixel Buds and stated that the company has planned a software update “to improve Bluetooth stability and connectivity.

I just wanted to let all of you know that we’ve heard you, and our team will be rolling out software updates in the coming weeks to improve Bluetooth stability and connectivity.


So, those who are facing connectivity and stability issues with their Pixel Buds 2, should rest assured that soon a firmware update will fix the current issues on the device.

Update 1 (June 10)

A firmware update to fix issues for the Pixel buds should be arriving in the coming weeks as stated by a Google Employee :

Hey everyone, I’ve got a quick follow-up on some of the improvements we’ve identified and are expecting to roll out in the coming weeks:

Decrease instances of phone call cut outs
Improve autorecovery when one or both earbuds lose connection
Improve media playback stability for phones that have software audio encoding

Separately, this week we’ll be releasing a software update (Firmware: 296) that decreases the audio hissing / static noise that some of you may have experienced.

Update 2 (June 27)

Since the 296 firmware update was released to only fix the hissing sounds, here is what a Google Product expert had to say

As I understand it, 296 was specifically released to address the hissing noise that some users have reported. There should be additional firmware updates “in the coming weeks” to help with the connectivity issues.

Update 3 (May 25, 2021)

IST 08:19 pm: According to a recent report from Reddit, it appears that the constant popping sound and connectivity problems with the Pixel Buds might have been fixed in the Android 12 beta 1 update.

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