Some Clubhouse for Android users experiencing crashing & verification code issues when signing up

Clubhouse launched in April 2020 as an iOS app. It’s described as a “new type of network based on voice”. The app exploded in popularity after endorsements from various personalities like Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

However, being launched only on iOS initially meant that it was still inaccessible to a vast majority of smartphone users. Many have been long waiting for an Android version of Clubhouse.


The wait is now finally over though as the app just went live today for Android users across the globe. This was revealed by Clubhouse on Twitter a few hours ago.

Of course, given the hype around the app, thousands had swarmed to download it…only to get disappointed.

As it stands, users are facing sign up issues as they are not getting verification codes and because the app keeps throwing errors when inputting the phone number.


I’m using clubhouse android version from last Monday. And after the official application launched its making some error in verification code. So I cannot login to my account.

Can’t get the verification code on Android after trying more than 10x with 2 phone numbers, and then my phone number got banned bcs of requesting the verification code several times. Can u guys help to solve this issue?

And even if they do, it’s usually so late that the time window for entering the code expires.

This issue has resulted in thousands of 1-star ratings for Clubhouse on the Google Play Store. Presently, the app’s rating stands at a measly 3.1 stars, which is definitely no good.

It could be possible that the Clubhouse servers are unable to handle the huge surge of users which is causing hiccups in the verification process.

However, verification issues aren’t all that users are facing with Clubhouse on Android as there have also been scattered reports about app crashing issues right upon opening it.

Many users are also struggling to get an invitation to sign up. This is because Clubhouse currently requires an invitation from another user to allow sign in.

All this raises the question: has Clubhouse rushed their Android release without a proper implementation and a half-baked app?

Kind of an overstatement at this point but Clubhouse for Android definitely needs to pull its socks up and address these issues, especially the verification one, as soon as possible.

After all, this initial stage of the platform is crucial and will determine the direction it’s headed.

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