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Original story (published on May 18, 2021) follows:

Feedly has proved to be a fail-safe news aggregator for avid readers. This accumulates information and news from all sources and presents them in one single space.

The services are being offered on all platforms including computers and mobile phones. With Feedly, all the latest developments from a variety of sources are just a click away.


What makes it more convenient is the 25 keyboard shortcuts that come bundled with the service, check them out here, if you haven’t already.

There appears to be an ongoing bug that restricts users from accessing these shortcuts (hotkey) on Feedly.

there seems to be a bug in the current web release where using the arrow keys automatically moves to the end vs the next article.

Source (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

This is coupled with another issue where the export button has stopped working for a few users.

Export OPML function isn’t working. Nothing happens when I click the button. (Source)

Even though there are ways to access and do things the long way but then of course, who wouldn’t want a shorter way of doing things.

Since this affects only the keyboard shortcuts, mobile app users of Feedly are distant from the issue.

Clearing the cache of the browser, restarting, and other basic troubleshooting steps don’t help either.

The company, however, was quick to notice the ongoing issue on Twitter and has given a confirmation on this. The support further adds that a fix is already being worked upon.

Hi Daniel, we’re sorry for this hotkey bug, we’re working on a fix right now. Thank you for reporting it. (Source)

Responding to the export button bug, here’s what the support said.

Hi Doug, you’re right, we’ll fix that asap. (Source)

Good thing is that we may get to see a fix pretty soon now that the issue lies with the developers. In the meantime, going the long way is the only option.


We will keep tracking this issue and update here as and when we get our hands on something significant in this regard.

Update 1 (May 18, 2021)

IST 07:25 pm Feedly responded to the original export button bug complaint by claiming that they have fixed the update.

we’ve just fixed that, Doug. (Source)

With this, we hope the rest of the shortcuts-related bugs will also get fixed at the earliest.

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