Realme answers why Narzo 20 Pro is unable to stream HD content, implication of save as PDF function, Dual-View video mode, & more

From routine FAQs to interaction with the company CEO, Realme is bridging the gap between the fans and the company. The brand is also consistently adding more features to Realme UI 2.0.

These FAQs give out some insider information about what is going on in Realme’s camps and what all can be expected with the upcoming updates or launches.

Like recently, the company revealed how they go on releasing the Realme UI 2.0 (Android 11) update for the devices, a week-wise structure that the company aims.


This time around, the FAQ addresses an ongoing issue and the future of some Realme UI 2.0 features that have been in demand by Realme users.

Narzo 20 Pro Widevine L1 issue

Even though Realme Narzo 20 Pro comes with the Widevine L1 certification, it fails to stream HD content on some streaming apps.

Realme Narzo 20 Pro

This has been a cause of frustration for a lot of users. The issue has been around since 2020 but lies unattended.

Finally addressing the issue, Realme puts all the blame on the chipset used. They say some video platforms won’t support certain formats.

Q. Why can we not stream HD content in Amazon Prime Video on realme narzo 20 Pro, despite the device supporting L1 certification?

A. Due to the chip design, some video formats on certain platforms may not be supported. A possible solution might be to turn on the hardware acceleration function in the developers options.

Well, at least we now have a workaround in case it doesn’t work how it ideally should. But expect this to remain the same as the company has discarded this issue.

Save as PDF option

Saving files as PDF used to be a feature back in the days on Realme devices but it is now missing. This definitely was a handy feature for the young users who own Realme devices.

The company did respond but the response that we have isn’t something that would excite a lot of users. Realme says it will come back in Realme UI 2.0 but there is uncertainty on the device list.

Q. The save as PDF function has been removed from realme devices. When will it be restored? Is there any alternative?

A. This feature will be restored in realme UI 2.0 for selected devices – not all devices upgradable to realme UI 2.0 will get it, and the list of devices that will get this feature back is being discussed.

Save as PDF feature

Now that the company has left this ambiguous, we expect this function to feature on only the higher-end devices.

Dark Mode

There are questions related to the extension of Realme’s Dark Modes to third-party apps.

Q. realme UI 2.0 features three types of dark mode. Will these affect 3rd party applications too, or simply the stock ones? Ex. Will Instagram show with a lighter tint if we set the system’s dark mode to “Gentle”?

A. Third party apps will follow the system settings, and switch to dark mode if they support it. Yet, they will switch to their own dark mode and not adjust to the system’s different dark mode types (ex. WhatsApp’s dark mode is dark grey, and will stay like that regardless of the chosen system dark mode tint).

However, there is a forced Dark Mode feature that is in beta at the moment and will be offered to more devices at a later stage.

Q. Does realme UI 2.0 still provide the option to force dark mode on selected apps? If not, why has this feature been removed?

A.”Dark mode for third-party apps (Beta)” has been made available for some devices, and will be launched on other compatible models at a later stage.

Switch between Rear & Front Camera

This has been the top pick of video creators. Multiple brands have offered this feature on their devices but Realme is yet to provide this.

Q. Is it possible to switch between the rear and front cameras while recording a video? If not, why and will this feature be made available in the future?

A. While switching cameras during video recording is being considered – but is not currently available – the “DUAL-VIEW VIDEO” function might serve this purpose on supported devices.


This is again, in consideration and there’s no confirmation whether devices would actually get it.

Miscellaneous features

There are some more feature requests but not all of them will make it to Realme UI 2.0. Some are into consideration though.

Q. Is 4D vibration available in the new Game Assistant in realme UI 2.0 in India too? And if not, why?

A. This function is currently not available. Our developers are currently evaluating which devices and games can support it.

Q. Are the new camera features of realme 8 series (such as TiltShift photography and the Time-lapse Starry Video mode) going to make an appearance on older devices like X50 Pro and X2 Pro?

A.No, there currently is no plan for this.

Realme has answered a lot of questions and cleared many Realme UI 2.0 features-related doubts as well. We expect more to follow soon in the coming weeks.


The brand is really putting in efforts to provide a stable and feature-packed UI for the users. In the meantime, you can track the Android 11 update-related developments here.

Note: We have more such stories in our dedicated Realme Section so be sure to follow them as well.

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