Sleepizy 2 jailbreak tool for iOS 14.2+ lets you fall asleep with music & optimize your sleep routine with many features

If you have your iPhone jailbroken, then chances are that you have already heard about Sleepizy – a useful little tool that allows you to set a timer to play/pause your music directly from the Control Center.

But that’s only just a chip off the surface as it also provides a plethora of other pretty useful features.

One of these is specific actions on timer start/end – enable airplane mode, DND, disable Bluetooth – to preserve your battery life and turn off annoying notifications so you can focus solely on getting a good night’s sleep.

But perhaps the best part is the fact that Sleepizy is made using stock components. The result is a tool that looks almost like it was built by none other than the guys at Apple themselves.


Additionally, the tool works with any app that plays music, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Heck, it even works for video streaming apps like Netflix.

Anyway, so Sleepizy worked expectedly and made everyone’s sleep easier at night for quite a while. That is until iOS 14.2 came into the picture. The update introduced a whole new media player which rendered the tool incompatible.

However, its developer just didn’t want it to die out that easily. So after a long time and some really effortful development, Sleepizy 2 has taken shape which not only adds compatibility for iOS versions 14.2-14.5, but also brings forth some new goodies.

[PAID RELEASE] Sleepizy 2 - Fall asleep with music and optimize your sleep routine with many features! $1.99 on Packix, iOS 14.2+ from jailbreak

The full list of features has been given below:

1. Stop music after X hours/minutes
2. Stop music after X tracks
3. Fade out music for X seconds (it will slowly decrease volume for your chosen duration)
4. Let the currently playing song finish before stopping the music (to avoid some frustration in case you still don’t sleep)
5. Perform specific actions on timer start: Enable plane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Set custom volume

6. Perform specific actions on timer end: Enable plane mode, Enable DND, Run an iOS Shortcut, Disconnect Bluetooth devices (or disable Bluetooth), Kill Now Playing app
7. Show the remaining time/tracks in Notification Center below Clock
8. Show Sleepizy button in the minimized CC media player
9. Configure defaults values for each mode (default number of minutes and default number of songs)
10. Persist timer so that it will be restored even if your phone resprings

Additionally, you can perform all sorts of tasks through iOS shortcuts as Sleepizy allows you to run a shortcut when the timer starts and another one when it ends.

Some example use cases of this can be simple stuff like starting a specific playlist to more elaborate functions like controlling your HomeKit lights/devices.


Of course, these are just a couple of ideas among the sea of other possible functions you can trigger through Sleepizy 2. Imagination is your only constraint here.

That said, if you are interested in downloading Sleepizy 2 for your jailbroken iPhone, then head over to its official Packix page for the link along with all the other info you need.

The app is available for just $1.99 and even comes with a 50% discount if you already were a previous Sleepizy owner.

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