Xiaomi Mi 10T touch screen unresponsiveness/delay reported by some users, no official fix in sight

The Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro are Xiaomi’s flagship models of 2020. Well, ‘almost flagship-level’ will be a more apt term considering that the devices can’t exactly be deemed upgrades over their predecessor – the Mi 10 series.

They’re more of a slightly toned-down version. Still, their feature set is pretty compelling.


But among all of the fancy specs, the display is particularly intriguing as Xiaomi decided to go with an IPS LCD panel, which is quite odd at that price point.

However, the OEM compensated for this shortcoming with the inclusion of features like 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support. But of course, even the best of the best LCD panels are no match for the superior OLEDs.

And as if this setback wasn’t enough, Mi 10T users have recently begun running into touch screen issues [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] with the device:


Mi 10t touch problem I am experiencing although it’s almost new why the middle part of screen responsive only side screen not working properly during scrolling etc.

I have some issues like touch is not responding and some bugs are there in miui update of android 11…in my #MI10T Mobile. So please solve my issues in the next update. And after the android 11 update, I haven’t got any updates.

As clear from the above complaints, the touch on the Mi 10T tends to get unresponsive from time to time. This happens randomly on select parts of the display, the most common being the corner areas or even the middle part.

This freezing lasts for a couple of seconds or more during which a user won’t be able to scroll at all. But following this, the touch begins working once again as if nothing went wrong in the first place.

A couple of users also stated that the problem began for them following a recent update.

If you are one of those facing the Mi 10T touch unresponsiveness issue, then fret not, as it is most likely a software bug and is hence probably fixable through updates. Although it is too early to be sure.

Moreover, with no sign of an official acknowledgment to date, it is unclear as to when a bug-fixing update is set to roll out. Until then, there are a couple of temporary workarounds that may be of help:

1. Restart the device: Several users report that if the Mi 10T touch unresponsiveness lasts for too long, a reboot makes it disappear for the time being. Not the best of solutions, we know, but it could be your best resort for now.

2. Pull down Control Center: One user observed that the unresponsiveness subdues when the Control Center is pulled down, so that’s another thing you may try.

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