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These days views, likes, comments, followers, and other similar stats are top priorities for those looking to earn bragging rights in the social media realm.

The huge demand for popularity has spawned some useful apps, some dodgy ones, and even some that fall in between that let you gain more followers, get more likes, or even make new friends.


FindSnap.Chat is one such website that popped up recently and it apparently allows Snapchatters to share their usernames to gain more followers and meet new friends.

However, there’s still not much known about FindSnap.Chat except that it is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized, or otherwise associated by/with Snap Inc. So we’d advise caution when sharing any details on the site.

That said, it appears that the FindSnap.Chat website is not working and is throwing a message saying “Application Error. The error occurred in the hosted application.” Website

The website was functioning as usual up until a few hours ago when people started noticing the error on the website.

While it may seem that the online app crashed at first, a closer look reveals that the creator(s) of the FindSnap.Chat website may have not paid up for its hosting rights.

This is evident with the error ‘402: PAYMENT_REQUIRED’ message that also appears when trying to access the site.

Vercel — the platform on which FindSnap.Chat is deployed — has shared a notice asking users to contact the website owner. There’s also a notice for the owner to refer to the monthly usage guidelines.

Therefore, given the information at hand, FindSnap.Chat will continue to throw the “Application Error. The error occurred in the hosted application” message until the pending payment is cleared.

In case you want to keep tabs on the situation regarding FindSnap.Chat not working, we’d suggest bookmarking this page as we’ll post an update if and when the site goes live again or when there are any further developments.

Update 1 (May 01)

Instead of the ‘402: PAYMENT_REQUIRED’ error screen, the website has now been updated, and displays the following message.


So apparently the devs are working on resolving the issue.

Update 2 (May 03)

The website has been updated again and is suggesting the users to follow them on Tik Tok while the devs address the issue.

Update 3 (May 04)

The website is now showing a live timer claiming they’ll be back by tomorrow morning. Here’s what it says:

Update 4 (May 05)

The service is not accessible for all as yet. Here’s what the site notifies now:


Update 5 (May 07)

The rollout is now taking place in phases. Here’s what the site says:


Update 6 (May 08)

They’re coming up with an announcement on TikTok soon. Here’s what the website conveveys now:


Update 7 (May 10)

The site is back up.

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