AirPods users have been complaining about Bluetooth connectivity issues with Windows 10 for quite a while now. The problems range from plain old disconnection to even stuttery audio playback.

The connectivity issues are particularly annoying though as users have stated that the audio cuts off randomly and instead begins to play from the laptop/PC speakers.

Getting them to reconnect can be a real pain too as it may require several attempts. But if you’re ‘lucky’, the AirPods might even get reconnected on their own after some time.


My AirPods Pro works great on my Apple devices in all situations. However on my Windows 10 laptop they work as long as I’m not watching a video in full screen mode – if I do, they’ll work for a few minutes and then cut off.. It says they’re still connected, but no sound comes out of them…

I have been having issues connecting my airpods to the Bluetooth on my windows 10 PC. After initially working very easily (with my PC) for a week after connecting them the first time after the setup with my iPhone it is very hard to get the PC to recognize them as voice and music enabled.

And no, AirPods can’t be named as the culprit in this case as the complainants have emphasized that they only face the Bluetooth connectivity issues on their Windows 10 machines.

However, when the AirPods are used with Apple devices like the iPhone or MacBook, they function quite expectedly. This raises questions about Windows’s optimization and compatibility with devices like AirPods.

Nonetheless, it is not just the AirPods that suffer from such problems as there have also been several complaints from Xbox Series X controller users about similar Bluetooth connectivity issues with Windows 10.


Now, the issue with the AirPods is still somewhat excusable considering that they aren’t really a Microsoft product. But the same obviously does not hold true for the Xbox Series X controller.

If you are one of the users facing the above issues then you will be pleased to know that Microsoft is finally set to improve the Bluetooth audio experience on Windows 10.


Improving the Bluetooth audio experience: Over the past several months, we have been adding new features to make Bluetooth audio streaming easier, better, and more performant.

The updates to the Bluetooth audio experience are introduced with the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21370 meaning that they will still take some time to be rolled out for all users as stable.

However, as you can see from the above update release notes, there isn’t any mention of fixes for the Xbox Series X controller.

Still, we and the users themselves are hopeful that the Bluetooth related optimizations will have a positive impact on Xbox controllers as well.

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