[Updated: April 30] OnePlus talks up OnePlus 6/6T Android 11, OnePlus 9/9 Pro data-moving error and more in April 2021 FAQ

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OnePlus remains one of the gold standards when it comes to consumer relations as the company strives to always be in communication with its users.

In line with this, OnePlus has these regular (monthly) publications of FAQs, a list of the frequently asked questions and answers along with reports on confirmed bugs and their current states.

OnePlus 6

Last time we saw OnePlus come out with one of these was the March 2021 edition that highlighted issues to do with crashing apps, fullscreen gesture issues, and more.

Another month has since gone by and OnePlus has, today, published the April 2021 FAQ for its China market, outlining some of the most pressing issues and here is a snippet of the same. Please note that this has been directly translated from Chinese.

april faq oneplus h2os

Q: When will OnePlus 6 & 6T adapt to hydrogen OS 11?
A: OnePlus 6 & 6T is expected to release the public beta version at the end of August, and the follow-up will continue to synchronize the progress with everyone. Stay tuned for community question answering posts and announcements.

Q: After OnePlus 7/7 Pro/7T/7T Pro is updated to Android 11 version 4 public beta, when sliding the desktop folder, it is easy to accidentally touch and drag the icon to the desktop.
A: This problem has been fixed in the latest version v5.1.2 of OnePlus Desktop. Please go to the store to update to this version to solve the problem.

Q: Why does the main interface of the card coupon APP not display my bus card/access card after upgrading the system?
A: The card coupon APP has optimized the layout of the interface in the new version. Your bus card and access card are still intact in the card coupon APP. Refueling can open the bus card/access card through the following path: click the card coupon APP right “+” in the lower corner-select the bus card/access card to use it normally.

Q: When moving from an old model to OnePlus 9/9Pro, the note data may not be able to move.
A: Come on, please confirm that the version number of the note on OnePlus 9/9 Pro is v8.11.4 and above. If so, just follow the moving tutorial in the community and move the memo data separately. If you still have problems, you can uninstall the sticky note application on OnePlus 9/9 Pro, then drop down the desktop to enter the global search, search for the sticky note, click the cloud download icon on the sticky note icon, you can download the sticky note application again, and then separate it again Just apply moving notes.

Q: Why does the phone freeze when sliding to a negative screen?
A: This problem has been optimized in OnePlus Desktop V5.1.2, please go to the OnePlus Store to update to the latest version to solve the problem. If there is still a stuttering phenomenon, please go to the bug feedback area of ​​the OnePlus community to give feedback.

Q: After OnePlus 7/7T series is upgraded to Hydrogen OS 11, the gallery photos are slow to load.
A: In response to the slow loading of the gallery, we made further optimizations in the v4.0.180 version of the OnePlus Gallery, and optimized the number beating situation at the bottom of the gallery album. This version will be merged into the next stable version. Please be patient and wait. System push.

Q: Why does the game icon storage function in the game space fail?
A: This problem has been fixed in the latest version of the game space v2.4.9.1, please go to the store to update to this version to solve the problem.


OnePlus 6T

To recall, we already heard reports of the expected August release of the Beta builds for users of the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T and with this, the hopes for a sooner release are effectively out the window.

Important to note is that this April HydrogenOS FAQ currently only applies to users of OnePlus devices in China.

However, history has shown us that many of these will be ported over to OxygenOS devices so be on the lookout for an upcoming OxygenOS 11 April FAQ.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned. It is also commendable for OnePlus to release this April FAQ as it goes to keep users more in touch with their OEM.

Update 1 (April 30)

IST 10:38 am: As expected, OnePlus has just published the OxygenOS FAQ for the month of April 2021 and it outlines many of the issues we saw tackled by the HydrogenOS edition of the same. Here is the OxygenOS April 2021 FAQ.

Q: When will the OnePlus 6 and 6T receive the OxygenOS 11 update?
A: The Android 11 Open Beta version for the OnePlus 6 & 6T is scheduled to be released at the end of August, please stay tuned for our Community posts for more details.​

Q: Is it possible to uniformize the temperature symbols across the Weather app as ºC and ºF?
A: We’re glad to inform you that this suggestion has been adopted and will be sent out in the next update. Please stay tuned!​

Q: The Gallery takes a long time to load pictures in Android 11.
A: We’ve made further improvements on version 4.0.180 of the Gallery and improved the issue of growing numbers underneath the album. Please go to Play Store to update the app.​

Q: Why is there a delay of two or three seconds in Google keyboard or other third-party keyboards after tapping the input box on the OnePlus 9 series?
A: This issue has been fixed and will be merged into the next stable version. You can update your system to the latest version after receiving the push.​

Q: Why is the picture location information displayed incorrectly in the Gallery app on the OnePlus 9 series?
A: This issue has been fixed in version 4.0.175 of the Gallery, please visit the Play Store to update the app.​

Q: Why do OnePlus 9 and 9Pro fail to connect to the Android Auto on some car models?
A: Apologies for the inconvenience. We are working with the Google Android Auto team to resolve this issue. It is expected to be fixed in the next stable version.​

Q: Why can’t I enable call recording in the Google dialer by default?
A: The Google dialer now supports automatic call recording in the version of V63. To enable automatic call recording, you can upgrade your Google dialer on Play Store. Please note that automatic call recording is only available in India. Here is the path for reference: Open Dialer app – click the three dots in the upper right corner – Settings – Select “Call recording” to customize it.​

Q: After updating the OnePlus Launcher from Play Store, the home screen doesn’t show the apps, and the gestures don’t work.
A: We have already fixed it in OnePlus Launcher, please go to the Play Store to update the version to fix the problem.​

Q: Why is there a lag when I swipe to the Shelf from the desktop?
A: We have already optimized it in OnePlus Launcher v5.1.2, please update your Launcher to the newest version in the Play Store. If the issue persists, please share your feedback in the bug feedback area in Community.​


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