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Cold War and Warzone got massive updates yesterday that bring new weapons, maps, and other stuff to the games.

Of course, it also marked the commencement of Season 3 for Warzone and Cold War. And one of the most important additions to the two games is the Hunt for Adler event.


In the course of completing the vent, players can unlock Weapon Charms, Calling Cards, a new Operator Skin, and more. Players who complete the entire event will also get an exclusive Adler skin.

Unfortunately, the latest update had a rocky start as players were unable to purchase the Battle Pass or log in.

Now, some Cold War and Warzone players are reporting that the Hunt for Adler event is not working, tracking or counting credits and rewards.

who do I let know that I can’t do “The Hunt for Adler” event because the Intel in the church isn’t showing up? I have looked up where it is supposed to be and it’s not there. (Source)

the Summit intel for the Hunt for Adler mission is not tracking for me. Many other people are having the same problem. I’ve done it two times already and it didn’t count for either times. (Source)

Whats wrong with the Hunt for Adler event It keeps dissapearing or when I do the contracts for it,it does not count(tried on CW as well same problem) (Source)

The challenges for #HuntForAdler aren’t tracking correctly. I completed all three for #warzone and factory is the only one showing completed. (Source)

In case you’re looking for more proof of the issue, some players have even documented it on video and have shared it on YouTube. Here’s one such video:

Some users have confirmed that some contracts and challenges are tracking as they should in the Hunt for Adler Warzone and Cold War event.

While reports of the issue have been flooding social platforms such as Twitter for hours, it has not been acknowledged by Raven Software, Activision, or Treyarch in any manner at the time of writing.

Adding to the disappointment, there does not appear to be any temporary workaround for the problem. Meaning players who’ve put in a good number of hours trying to complete the event may have done it for nothing.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the situation and will post an update if and when there are any further regarding the issue.

Update 1 (April 25)

IST 11:45 am: Raven Software has officially acknowledged and is investigating the Hunt for Adler counting issue. Additionally, the Intel spawning glitch has also been confirmed. Here’s what they said:

We’re looking into several issues tied to the Hunt for Adler event in #Warzone

– Challenge completion not tracking
– Intel spawning outside of playable map area

The official Trello issue board explains the problem as:

Hunt for Adler Event: We’re investigating several issues related to this event. Players are noticing that, in some cases, Challenge completion is not tracking. Players are also finding that Intel is spawning outside of the playable map area.

IST 01:45 pm: Problems just don’t get over for Warzone players as a new issue has emerged where the game on Battlenet is stuck at the “Playing now” screen and won’t launch. A few workarounds are available which gets it going till a fix arrives.

Update 2 (April 26)

A lot of affected users have shared that they’re able to complete the factory but when they complete the contracts for both Summit and Farms, its not registered as completed as hence no rewards.

One of the users has even shared their version of what could be causing the issue, however, it’s purely their presumption.

Update 3 (April 27)

Game devs have now updated the status to “Fix scheduled,” so the tracking issue should be fixed in the upcoming update.

Update 4 (April 29)

The fixes for the Hunt for Adler event, map exploits, and some other issues have been released. Here’s what the changelog states:


The sizes of the first and second circles have been reduced for Verdansk Resurgence.
End-of-game open mic has been turned off for modes with infinite respawn mechanics. This was intended to take effect with the release of Season Three last week.


“Hunt for Adler” Limited-Time Event
Fixed a bug with Challenge completion not tracking as intended.
Fixed a bug causing Intel to spawn outside of the playable map.
Fixed several map locations in Verdansk that allowed players to reach out-of-bounds areas.
Fixed a bug that would cause gas mask overlays to remain on screen indefinitely if a player exited the gas as their gas mask was fully depleted.
Fixed a bug where the epic loot M82 Semi-Auto Sniper was incorrectly labeled as thermal.
Fixed a bug where the Modern Warfare “Razorwire” Submachine Gun Charlie blueprint could appear in loot caches.
The R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow has had its reload audio restored.
Fixed a bug that disallowed players from exiting the plane in Battle Royale Practice mode.
The explosion in Verdansk’s vista no longer dances around when viewed from different angles. Thanks Geeky P.


A sneak peek at some upcoming changes…
Balance adjustments to the CR-56 AMAX, FARA 83, and Bullfrog.
Changes to ADS Firing Speed on Cold War attachments.

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