[Update: Fixed] Microsoft Teams down and throwing white/blank screen or stuck on loading

This article is being continuously updated…

Original story (from April 27) follows:

Incoming is a service outage alert!

Is Microsoft Teams down, not working or throwing a white/blank screen? Some are also reporting “Operation failed with unexpected error” or “HTTP error 401.”

Please be informed that the service is seemingly going through an outage in some regions which has got affected users to route to micro-blogging site Twitter and other online discussion platforms to highlight their concern.

Take a look at what some of those affected have to say:

is Teams down at the moment? I can’t seem to access my meetings.

Did you step away for a second and not let us know? The website is down (though Teams sucks on Linux anyway so no great loss there.. Wish we had stuck with Zoom)

Microsoft Teams down

Microsoft Teams com erro HTTP ERROR 401 🙁

Users get to see the following:



A quick look at Down detector – a service that gives a real-time overview of outages and other issues – reflects Microsoft Teams is encountering a glitch in some regions.

Coming to whether there’s an official word on the matter, well, it’s yet to come. But be informed, we’re keeping a continuous tab on the service’s social media and other official channels for more information.

So we’ll update this page with relevant info as and when we catch hold of any. In case you’re facing the problem discussed here, stay tuned for more updates.

Update 1 (April 27)

Twitter support hs officially acknowledged the outage in Europe and Asia saying:

our team is investigating an issue with Microsoft Teams which is also impacting Europe and Asia. For more details please follow TM252802 in the admin center.

Update 2 (April 27)

The support has now stated the outage is affecting users globally and is being looked into.

We’ve confirmed that this issue affects users globally. We’re reviewing monitoring telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the issue. More information can be found under TM252802 in the admin center.

Update 3 (April 27)

The Microsoft 365 status team has confirmed that they’ve identified the root cause and have performed mitigation actions. With these steps, the service appears to be showing “signs of recovery.”

We’ve identified the root cause and performed mitigation actions. We’re seeing signs of recovery and will continue to monitor the service. Users still experiencing impact should restart their clients to expedite recovery. Further details can be found under TM252802. (Source)

Update 4 (April 27)

Microsoft has confirmed that the problem has now been fixed and the service is performing as expected. However, users who are still facing issues are requested to restart their clients to recover.

We’ve monitored the environment and confirmed that the service is performing as expected. If a user is still experiencing impact, they need to restart their clients to recover. Further details can be found under TM252802 in the admin center. (Source)

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