Fortnite 'You do not have the permission to play' error or login issues on Nintendo Switch being looked into

Epic Games released the Fortnite update 16.30 update today with a bunch of bug fixes coupled with a few new additions.

Recent updates seem to be following a similar pattern of being ‘small’ due to the nature of the stuff they bring to the table.

The feature additions this time around include tweaks to the Inventory button, inspect item menu, the inclusion of some more weapons into Creative mode, addition of Neymar, and more.

The complete list has been given below:

1. Help Jonesy The First take on Raz
2. Keep ‘em guessing with a new, unpredictable Exotic Bow
3. Stay low, stay safe in a new LTM this weekend: The Floor Restores
4. Remaining Primal weapons, Makeshift weapons, & Bows added to Creative

5. You can now hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in hand to jump right to the Crafting tab 6. and hit Accept. No more navigating menus in a gunfight!
7. Inspecting an item will now show exact numerical values for stats like damage and fire rate.

This is combined with several fixes to both the Battle Royale as well as the Creative mode.

However, it seems like that along with the list of bug-fixes, a new bug has also managed to tag along. Nintendo Switch players have been complaining that they’re unable to login to their accounts


Is there a way of fixing “you do not have permission to play fortnite” after the new update on the 27th April I am on Nintendo switch and I need help with it @FortniteGame please fix it

mate i can barely load into fortnite it’s always been fine but i tried it then it said “unable to download assets” and “you do not have permission to play fortnite” i ended up getting in but then i couldn’t load into either save the world or battle royals. my mates got this too.

As clear from above, the “Unable to download assets” and “You do not have permission to play Fortnite” errors keep popping up when users try to login. This has led to fears of getting hit by the ban hammer.

Judging from complaints, the issue does seem limited to Nintendo Switch users as there aren’t any complaints from other platforms.

Some players are also reporting that they’re stuck on the “Checking for updates” stage which prevents them from playing the game.

If you are one of the players facing the aforementioned issues, then worry not, for Fortnite is already aware of the matter and is working on a fix as we speak.


The issue seems to be a server-side one, and hence, it should be resolved without the need for an update or any user intervention.

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