Looks like Roku fixed issue with horizontal/vertical lines of pixels on streaming apps, as per some users

Smart TVs are very prevalent in our homes today, perhaps a side effect of the connected age that we now live in.

And rightfully so. In this age of content streaming, it just makes sense to have a TV that can natively give you access to these platforms.

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One of the most popular platforms for smart TVs is Roku. Roku products and even TVs running Roku natively offer users access to streaming media content from various online services.

As ubiquitous as these products have been, there has been a long-standing issue afflicting users. According to users, there’s been a problem with streaming services showing vertical and horizontal lines on the display.

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I’m getting flickering horizontal and vertical lines. Sometimes this issue stops when changing between apps in the Roku menu and the TV can be used as normal until the power is turned off, sometimes the issue is constant and nothing stops it. Putting pressure on the frame around the screen doesn’t affect it. TV has not been dropped or damaged, and this issue didn’t start until a couple years after purchase.


While the above-shown case is a bit on the extreme side of this issue, many users are still facing the same problem, albeit at a much more subtle level.

A number of them report lines that are a few pixels across that run the entire length or width of their displays when using streaming apps.

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I just got a TCL 4K Roku and I am experiencing this exact same lines issue. This only occurs on streaming apps for me as well, and does not occur on HDMI inputs. I’ve contacted support and so far they’ve given me the usual power cycle/picture audio reset/factory reset steps, but did these help you at all? If not, how did you resolve this issue, if you did?

Well, most of these reports are a few months old. Since then, it looks like Roku fixed this issue at some point.

This, as new reports on the community forums indicate that users haven’t been facing this issue for a while now. Here are some reports from such users.

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same here. haven’t had this issue in months. the issue was handled poorly, communicated poorly, and even the update itself was confusing and rolled out in a strange manner.. but at least the issue was fixed which i appreciate.


According to these users, the 9.4.0 update was the fix to this long-standing issue. This, despite Roku not explicitly acknowledging the issue or noting that this was the bug-fix update.

In fact, a Roku Forum Moderator has been tending to these user complaints, asking them to provide information that would help Roku track down the issue.

As such, it is unclear whether the Roku lines issue has been addressed adequately as there still are new reports of the same.


We can only hope that Roku finds a permanent solution to this issue once and for all. We shall continue to keep an eye on this Roku lines and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

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