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Disgaea fans can now play the series on the go following a fresh release on Android and iOS devices. The game of course borrows most of its elements from the PC version but gets rebranded as ‘Disgaea RPG’.

Protagonists like Laharl, Valvatorez, and Killia are all available for the mobile version so you can build a team using your favorite characters. Features like the item world, dark assembly, and high damage numbers have also made it of course.

Nonetheless, it’s only been a couple of days since launch and players are already running into issues upon starting the game and trying to download background data.


Does this game not work on bluestacks? ‘Communication error’ every time I launch. Was going to re-roll on PC for comfort but doesn’t seem to work on BS for me, which is unfortunate.

Disgaea app won’t work everytime I open it the app says error….welp won’t be playing this then lmao

The communication errors occur on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. A download additional data option does appear behind the error, but closing the error takes one back to the main menu, so the download button is inaccessible.

As a result, the game is now virtually unplayable. Users have already tried basic workarounds like restarting, clearing data/cache, and even re-installing the entire thing to no avail.

The Disgaea RPG communication error issue is plaguing all mobile platforms including iPhone/iPad (iOS/iPadOS), Android, and even the PC emulator.


This only solidifies the fact that the issue isn’t at all at the user end. Rather, something has clearly been messed up at the server-side which totally sucks.

Going by complaints, the problem only seems to have begun yesterday. And being a server-side means that there is really nothing that can be done by users.

Thankfully, the issue shouldn’t persist for long considering that it has now been officially acknowledged by the Disgaea team. Thus, if all goes well, it should be resolved without requiring user intervention.


We have received multiple reports that most players can’t log into the game for some time. Devs are looking into the issue right now and will fix it ASAP. We are sorry for the late reply and will keep you posted in the coming hours.

Still, there is actually one thing that can be done about the Disgaea RPG communication error. Just open up the Disgaea discord, go to “disconnection information”, and write the details needed so they can further investigate.

As always, we will continue tracking the issue for further developments so stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (April 16)

For those of you encountering “An error has occurred. Go back to the title” notification, fret not. The service is undergoing maintenance, and the error could be because of that.

Dear dood,

We plan to carry out maintenance to update DISGAEA RPG on April 16th, u/3:00 (UTC-4). The game will remain accessible during this time. However, please restart the game and update to the latest patch before you enter the Netherworld then.

[Update Content]
Repairs to some UI misalignment issues


Update 2 (April 22)

Incoming is yet another maintenance alert.

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