Our modern homes are increasingly getting smart as we acquire more and more smart appliances. Today, we have smart lights in our homes, smart locks and everything in between.

There are various ecosystems that are increasingly growing in this front, some of the best being Amazon’s and Google’s ecosystems.

Google Nest Mini

For users in the Google ecosystem, the Google Nest Mini is a must-have. This inexpensive smart speaker offers users access to the Google Home ecosystem while tying in nicely with most compatible appliances.

Users of the Google Nest mini have been reportedly facing an issue with their devices for some time now. Reports from as far back as 2019 tell of an issue with random unlinking from user accounts.

nest login issue

I have a Google Home, 2 Google Mini’s, a Chromecast, a Phillips Hue Bridge and a Samsung SmartThings hub. Everything has been working flawlessly for 2 years. All of a sudden tonight, my Google Home and Mini’s are telling me, “Please log in through the Google Home App.”

I AM logged in through the app and Google Assistant. My Google Home app recognizes all my Hue Lights and I can turn on and off everything throughout the house through my iPhone. The Chromecast works perfectly on my TV. I can also play music on my Google devices through the Google app on my iPhone. I’ve rebooted my Google Home, my router, the hub and the bridge. Everything was fine this afternoon. No power outages. What am I missing?

Many of these affected users note that they have success restoring Google Nest Mini functionality by signing into their accounts but then the issue tends to recur.

Basic troubleshooting solutions like resetting the device, ensuring a working network connection and more don’t seem to be working for these users.

I got my free Nest Mini from Google Fi yesterday. Set it up and it worked great. A few hours later I could only get “Please login through the google home app”. I went thru setup again and it worked. Then later only get “please login through the google home app”

I did a factory reset and setup again and it worked for a while… then later “please login through the google home app”. I saw lots of old posts about this but not much recently. Any ideas what to do?


Luckily, this issue has since been acknowledged by Google. But that was almost a year after the initial issues started cropping up.

In the acknowledgment message, the community specialist from Google goes on to notify affected users that the issue is being looked into and that they should keep filing reports.

nest issue acknowledged

At the moment, our team is still looking into this issue, and I have no additional updates to share right now. For those users experiencing this issue, please update this thread by providing the firmware version of your Google Nest Mini. You can follow the steps on this link to know-how.

If you haven’t sent feedback yet, please do so by using the keywords: “Nest Mini Unlinking”. Check this out for more instructions on how to send feedback.

This was back in late 2020 and till the time of writing, there was no official communication on the state of this Google Nest Mini unlinking account and login issue.

Luckily, and thanks to the power of the community, there might be a workaround for these affected users, a way to avoid the Google Nest Mini from regularly unlinking the accounts.

The workaround which has since been selected as the recommended solution for users facing this issue is as follows.

nest  mini login workaround

This is what I did to resolve this problem:
1 Go to Google Home app
2 click on the device that has this problem
3 click on the Settings icon (top right)
4 scroll all the way down and click on remove device
5 remove
6 Then setup the device again using the + icon (top left)
7 Set up device


We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

NOTE: We have these and many more Nest stories in our dedicated Google section.

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