Getting PlayStation 4 (PS4) su-30746-0, su-42481-9, su-42118-6 system software update 8.50 error? Here's what needs to be done

A section of the PlayStation 4 userbase is having trouble running their consoles following a bad recent update. Users say that booting up the console prompted a login to the PlayStation Network.

Upon logging in, the system notifies of a software update. But going on with the usual update process results in a su-30746-0 error. The PS4 controller too immediately stops working when this error pops up.

Booting into safe mode by unplugging the PS4 and holding down the power button for around 7 seconds doesn’t seem to help as it involves the use of a controller.


SU-42481-9 it’s ridiculous to make us jump through hoops to perform an update which you require but which fails on automatic. Your support says to use wired connection like we all have that option (not!) or USB. I have no pc here except my phone. Unacceptable!

please fix and patch the PS4 update. i tried everything i could find for the SU-42118-6 error and nothing worked. i factory reset my console and lost all my files just to still not be able to play on PSN.

And the controller unfortunately fails to connect to the console even with a USB cable. The error also comes with several different codes including su-30746-0, su-42481-9, and su-42118-6.

The bad update in question seems to be version 8.50 that was released on April 14. The complete list of changes has been given below:

[PS4 8.50 system software features]
1. In Party, you can now enjoy Share Play with players on PS5 consoles.
2. In Messages, you can now turn notifications on or off for each of the groups you’re in.

[Other updated features]
1. On the game session details screen, you can now use the Request to Join button to ask the session leader to join their game session.
2. When playing a game you’ve hidden, other players will no longer see that you’re currently playing that game.
3. We’ve updated the file format for extended storage.
4. The Communities feature is no longer available.

Yep, no mention of anything that could trigger such a critical bug. Still, something has clearly been messed up which has resulted in all these complaints [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11].

Nonetheless, if you are one of the users facing the system software update 8.50 error on your PS4, then there’s something you should know.


The PS4 su-30746-0, su-42481-9, su-42118-6 errors in PlayStation usually occur due to a glitch that can be fixed simply by power cycling. In other words, try rebooting your console several times over until it complies.

If the issue persists, then try installing updates using safe mode. Directions for those have been given here.

But as already discussed above, several users are unable to operate safe mode since the PS4 controllers have stopped working following the bad update.

In such a case, your best bet would be to contact PS4 support for the system software update 8.50 error. Head here to proceed with the same. You can also try your luck with the PlayStation Fix & Replace portal.

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