Google working to improve the slow/laggy Nest Hub UI with a future update, says community specialist

The coming decade will see a plethora of innovations and integration of Artificial Intelligence in the majority of the devices, building the decade smarter.

And it doesn’t have to wait long as we have already begun to witness some technological advancements.


Google has certain products that make life more convenient than ever before.

Google Assistant used to be one virtual buddy that was limited to a few functions only. But the company took a leap ahead and built certain products based on Google Assistant.

Good Nest Hub is an extension of the Google Assistant which brings more practicality and features with an immersive display of its own.

Google Nest Hub

The device got a revamped tab-based UI a couple of months ago with an aim to bring more features, smoothness and make it more appealing. But instead, it has become a pricking problem for the device owners.

As per a thread filled up with user complaints and frustration, the new UI on the Google Nest Hub has made things worse with its laggy behavior.


After the update, the display has gone sluggish, responding horribly slow to the input commands.

Yeah, it’s terrible. The screen on my Hub Max slows down to a stutter when switching between tabs (Home Control > Media > Communicate, etc). The voice response takes several seconds to respond, so I’m usually already repeating myself by the time it starts registering a ‘Hey Google’.

Same here. Stuttering all the time, can’t be bothered using it anymore for anything else than photo frame. They’ve been on sale here in Australia for few months now, 40% off. I suspect we’ll see a new model soon and then you can forget about this ones being updated/fixed.

From switching tabs to the volume bar controls, everything on the screen stutters and even crashes for some people.

Initially, it was believed to have affected the ones on the preview program but a few users confirmed that this issue extends to the non-preview program members as well.

The primary victims of the Google Nest Hub laggy interface are the ones on the system firmware 241809.

Mine is the Google Nest Hub running firmware ver. 241809. It has been so slow since the UI update. Was going to buy the Nest Hub Max during holiday but was afraid that it would be the same issue.

The worst part is that this issue has persisted for more than a couple of months now and Google has nothing significant to share as yet.

All hopes lie in the community representative’s assurance that the team at Google is working on this and they will post an update as soon as they have anything.

Thanks for being here. The team is currently working for this concern.

I’ll share an update to this post once it is available.


A laggy interface is the last thing one would expect from the tech giant. But let’s hope the company finds time to address this issue at the earliest.

We will keep tracking this issue for you and will post an update if we come across a workaround or a permanent solution.

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