Google has been looking into Pixelbook black screen issue (device won't turn on) since Oct. 2020, but still no fix in sight

Some Pixelbook users are reporting that their devices fail to turn on and instead display a black screen. Going by reports, the issue occurs in two forms which we have of course discussed below.

In the first case, the device fails to boot up at all and the screen remains black. The keyboard may or may not light up along with the green light next to the port.

This issue occurs sporadically. Hence, you would want to drop your shutter, lift it up again, and retry booting the laptop up. If it doesn’t work the first time, then just repeat the steps until it actually works.


When I am doing something on my Pixelbook, the screen goes dark and not responding with only a mouse cursor on my background. However, this resolved when I hit Esc + refresh key + power button but sometimes it stills happening rarely!

This morning my pixelbook wouldnt turn on. Advice on troubleshooting? Thanks.

The problem also occurs in another manner wherein the screen randomly goes black while the Pixelbook is running. This time though, the pointer continues to show and is even moveable.

But everything other than the pointer simply fails to show up on the display. The cause of this is still unclear at this point.

We did manage to get our hands on a workaround thrown in by a Product Expert that has done the job for quite a few users:


That said, a few of the users did observe that the issue began only with the last Pixelbook update. From this, one can jump to the conclusion that the true culprit is in fact a bad update.

However, it is worth mentioning here that the Pixelbook black screen issue (device won’t turn on) has been making rounds for quite some time now. There still hasn’t been any official fix from Google yet though.

The issue was escalated for investigation all the way back in October last year. Since then, the same forum thread has been locked and there hasn’t been any further development.


But going by more recent complaints, the issue certainly seems to have persisted. In such a case, one can only wonder what Google is up to. After all, the bug is pretty major and none other than the Big G is responsible for it.

Anyway, we will continue to track the issue and update this article accordingly. Therefore, you would want to stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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