ICYMI: Google replacing Nest Thermostat units with Wi-Fi connectivity issue (W5 error)

Several Google Nest Thermostat units are experiencing a strange “W5 error” that leaves device owners disconnected from their Wi-Fi networks.

Without an internet connection, the Nest Thermostat and basically every other smart home gadget becomes useless. And this is exactly what owners of the device are going through right now.

To recall, multiple Nest Thermostat users started reporting back in late 2019 that they were experiencing a “W5 error” that left the devices unable to connect to any Wi-Fi network.


At first, it only seemed like a small group of users were affected. But then reports started bulging, prompting Google into action.

The search giant had the following statement to say regarding the matter:

A very small number of Nest thermostat users are experiencing a known issue with the Wi-Fi chip that causes remote connectivity issues. This does not affect the thermostat’s ability to control the customer’s heating and cooling system in the home, but does impact the user’s ability to manage the thermostat remotely.

If a user sees this error and it can’t be resolved through troubleshooting, they are prompted to contact customer support for assistance and will be issued a replacement device.

The statement above was made to Android Police back in July 2020. But looking at the same thread that first reported the issue in the support forums, many are still experiencing this issue to date.

In fact, the said forum thread is currently trending, with plenty of other affected users flooding support guys with queries of how to address the Wi-Fi issues they are experiencing.

There are also plenty of new threads that have been started in the Nest forums with respect to this matter, some of which we’ve shared below for reference.


My Nest thermostat disconnected from wifi yesterday, and won’t find any networks at all. I’ve reset the device, my router, tried entering the SSID manually, it won’t see my phone’s hotspot from a foot away. The thermostat still works fine as far as I can tell, it just can’t see any networks. It’s either fine for a couple months.

Well, in case you missed the memo, the “W5 error” is hardware related. Thus, Google will replace your Nest Thermostat unit as soon as you can prove that it’s indeed affected by the W5 error.

Sure, the memo about replacing affected units was made close to a year ago, but recent reports can confirm that Google is still replacing Nest Thermostat units suffering from the “W5 error.”


Problem started a little over 2 weeks ago and battery is fine. Followed all the troubleshooting steps before posting on the board. @ Roxelle G., I have a replacement thermostat on the way due to W5 error. Did this via phone since the message board did not solve/answer my problem quickly.

As you can see from the comments above, Google is still sending out replacement units to affected Nest Thermostat owners, so don’t be left out.

We would also like to know if you recently received a replacement unit for your faulty Nest Thermostat — or at least your experience with Google support — via the comments section below.

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