Google Fi support subreddit handle now directs cases to Reddit Request system for quick escalation

Customer support is something that is considered by many when making a selection among the many carrier networks in the US. Unfortunately, this is something where Google Fi has lagged behind horribly.

Now don’t get us wrong – Google Fi still remains as one of the most economical MNVOs available in the market as of now if you happen to reside in the target market. However, as is the case with small-scale MVNOs, minor grievances are commonplace.

Therefore, swift redressal of complaints becomes an extremely integral aspect to consider to keep the customer base loyal. Of course, one can always go through existing forum threads or simply ring up customer support for help.

The Google Fi Android app

But a large section of Google Fi users prefers to use Reddit for a more ‘personal’ experience. Many even consider it to be more reliable than regular customer support, especially for out-of-the-ordinary matters.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Reddit requests, if you are having an issue please reach out via a Reddit request.

These are done through Reddit requests. Certain exceptional issues that do not get addressed by the usual customer support ‘quick fixes’ have a much better chance of getting escalated to Google through this channel.

Much of this initiative is handled by u/dmziggy – a Product Expert who has a history of helping out users with Google products including Google Fi, Pixel, and more.

Nonetheless, the same user recently made a new post on Reddit conveying that the Reddit Request system for Google Fi is getting a much-desired upgrade to make it more effective than ever.


u/dmziggy will now be working with US-based members of Google Fi’s social support team to monitor the Reddit Request system. Under this, the u/googlefisupport Reddit handle will now direct people to u/dmziggy’s Reddit Request system.

The result of this will be better coordination and communication between users and the actual Google Fi support. This basically means faster resolutions – much needed given how trashy the existing traditional customer support is.

If you have a Reddit Request related to a post that you’ve made on the community, you are free to submit the form given on this link. Be sure to go through the prerequisites first though.


I mean, that’s great and I’m glad things are progressing, but it’s just so sad that Reddit is somehow the better support method versus one of the most profitable companies in the world’s actual support site.

Great thanks to u/dmziggy for this extremely well thought-out initiative. And we hope you have a wonderful customer support experience!

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