Almost all the latest OEMs have now optimized their Android skins to some degree when it comes to one-handed usage.

Most of this revolves around the usage of extremely large action bar fonts at the top of almost every app page which helps push down the clickable elements for easier reach.


This smart idea was first introduced to the world by Samsung with their One UI skin back in 2018. Subsequently, almost all OEMs have rushed to implement similar designs on their respective Android skins be it MIUI, OxygenOS, or even Android 12.

After all, considering how tall phones have gotten recently, this user interface tweak was much needed. It not only makes phone usage far more convenient but is also very modern-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

However, following this design trend came at a cost as many Android skins including OxygenOS 11 were accused of being One UI rip-offs. Although a little copying doesn’t hurt especially when it’s implemented well, does it?

Nonetheless, simply optimizing the UI is apparently not sufficient for OnePlus users as demands for a dedicated one-handed mode have picked up quite a pace lately.


One Hand mode, we know that the big screens in the evolution of gadgets/mobile phones troubled people in using them. Then the discovery of one hand mode resolved this problem. It’s one of the strongly required-most useful features.

I am new to oneplus family need to know is there one hand mode in previous os of oneplus I can’t find the one hand mode in my op 8t. I have searched in gestures and all.

For the uninitiated, one-handed mode is a useful little tool that does exactly what its name seems to imply – it reduces the view-area within a display effectively making the screen feel much smaller than it actually is.

This, in turn, makes single-handed usage far easier and serves especially well when one of a user’s hands is occupied. OnePlus decided to give a miss on this feature though even after repeated demands for its addition.

And what makes matters worse is that the OnePlus 7/7T series supposedly had the feature in the past. But with the onset of OxygenOS 11, it was done away with.


OnePlus apparently thinks that an interface designed for one-handed usage is sufficient to kill the need for a dedicated one-handed mode. But this clearly isn’t the case.

For now, your best bet would be to demand the addition of the feature in the OnePlus Community. Perhaps, if enough requests go in, the OEM will finally budge.

Be sure to also keep an eye on our dedicated OxygenOS 11 bug tracker so that you don’t miss out on any new developments on the matter.

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