Google’s Pixelbook Go is the ultimate Chrome OS experience for those not looking to spend too much on the main Pixelbook. Although not the cheapest in the market, it is still an attractive little package.

Its astonishing battery life and chic styling are just two of its selling points, and it has very little to hate for both average users and dedicated fans of Chrome OS.

That is, apart from one major caveat. There are a bunch of reports saying that the Pixelbook Go’s (at least the 2019/2020 model) hinge is extremely prone to breakage even when used in the most gentle and lovey-dovey manner possible.


Can anyone suggest how I might bandage up my PixelBook Go at the hinge? Bought new in June, but Google concluded the hinge is not covered by the warranty. Neither my local computer repair shop nor ubreakifix, which Google referred me to, can get the parts to fix it. Breaking within six months, combined with not honoring the warranty AND the impossibility of repair has left me really disappointed with Google,

Pixelbook Go, creaking hinge? Since I got this laptop Ive noticed a minor creak in the left hinge, above the ESC key. Usually this happens the first time I open it after its been sitting for a while but if I play with the screen I can usually set it up to happen again.

As clear from above, most of the complainants have seen their hinges get broken within just six or so months of usage which is just ridiculous.

There is clearly a major design flaw with the laptop that Google, unfortunately, hasn’t addressed to date. But how bad could the problem possibly be? After all, if the issue occurred within the first six months itself, then one can always claim a warranty.

Unfortunately, things just aren’t that simple. The defect isn’t covered under warranty and users are being quoted around $500 which is just ridiculous considering that it is half of the total value of the Chromebook itself.

Broken hinges aren’t all that are the cause of bother though, as weak integrity in such a delicate area also results in clicking/creaking noises from the hinge or even display issues like flickering. All this while the hinge is still intact.


This is pretty ironical when one tries to put the Pixelbook Go’s tagline into perspective – ‘the Chromebook made to move’. Because if there indeed is a manufacturing defect in some of the units, if not all, then clearly, it isn’t ‘made to move’.

Nonetheless, if you have already claimed warranty to no avail, then it is advisable to re-submit your ticket. Turns out, the second time’s a charm.

I’d suggest everyone resubmit a ticket. I just received my replacement! Told them this is a manufacturer defect, not a defect caused by a person. It took a month of back and forth emails and phone calls and I elevated it to the highest priority I could.

Keep in mind though, that this step should only be taken when you are absolutely certain that there is no error from your end.

Anyway, the good news is that Google is investigating the issue. Following this, the best-case outcome would be that Google will recall defective units for free replacement/repairs. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


For now, there is not much to do apart from waiting for an official confirmation from the guys at Google. But of course, like always, we will keep this piece updated with the latest developments.

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