Google Groups is perhaps one of the widely used networking platforms for businesses to discuss and exchange ideas, and even for enthusiasts to meet people with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds.

Now, Google is known to constantly update its apps and services to keep them on the bleeding edge in terms of features and the overall user experience.

Thus, a while back the search giant made some major changes to Google Groups which were rolled out to users in batches initially and a complete rollout subsequently.

While feedback for these updates has mostly been positive, there was a tiny caveat introduced as part of the revamp that has resulted in many disliking it all.


Google. Please allow the owner/manager to easily edit group member names and email addresses, new Google Groups seems to have amounted to user-unfriendly re-engineering. Classic Groups worked for me.

Such a backward step or a BUG. The direct adding members feature puts the email address as the name of the person ignoring the “Real Name” format. People do not have always email addresses that represent their names. My google group list is becoming a mess, impossible to manage without having a duplicate list somewhere.

This was related to the display names of members within a group where following the update, only the email address is listed.

As a result, identification became far more difficult, especially when dealing with email addresses that do not include the owner’s name (for example – [email protected]).

Prior to the Google Groups revamp, the member names used to appear in a simple and easy-to-understand format and could even be edited when required.


Nonetheless, Google did offer an option to switch back to the classic view. This could be done conveniently through Settings > Return to classic Google Groups. However, this useful tool was removed recently. Hence the complaints.

And going by the complaints, the demands laid down are pretty clear. Users want the following to be implemented:

1. Option to edit the names and email addresses of members in a group
2. Option to sort members by the last name and perhaps other formats

Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that can be done about the matter.

1. Uncheck link to Google account:


2. Use Mailchimp:

PROBLEM SOLVED! Just imported all my groups contacts and names into Mailchimp which allows not only names, but also addresses and telephone numbers to be added. Also lets you know whether members have opened their emails. Pity Google just doesn’t listen to us loyal group owners.

To give a try to this alternative, head here.

Clearly not the most perfect of workarounds we agree, but not much can be done until Google officially addresses the matter.

For now, your best bet could be to simply wait, and of course give your feedback on the Google Groups community.

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