Some MIUI users report that home screen icons layout gets reset following a reboot, no official fix in sight

One of the greatest boons of Android is the fact that it allows users to customize their home screen to their heart’s content on any given launcher.

And while iOS has recently tried to catch up with their latest iteration called iOS 14 with added widget support and even an app drawer, it is still a far cry from the enormous flexibility offered on Android.

A configured MIUI Launcher home screen

Therefore, Android users just love customizing their home screen with custom icon packs, layouts to suit their taste and convenience, and with various informative widgets.

Now, it would be really frustrating if a homescreen layout, so painstakingly customized by users, were to reset with almost every reboot, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what several MIUI 12 users have been facing for a while now.


So I have a redmi 9 power. When I restart the phone the icons and widgets on the home screen completely rearrange. I got the phone this week so it’s not old or anything

After the recent MIUI System Launcher update all icon placements/folder reset to default factory setting. Same happens everytime when changing theme also. It’s frustrating to start allover again.

As clear from above, a range of devices have been affected from both the Mi and Redmi series. A few of the notable ones are Mi 10i, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 9S/9 Pro, Redmi 9 Power, and even the flagship Mi 10T Pro.

From this, it isn’t unsafe to come to the conclusion that the problem is actually due to a bad MIUI System Launcher update.

After all, the launcher gets updated with new features regularly, and thus, the likelihood of a bug making it into the stable branch isn’t exactly slim.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a cause of too much worry as it is virtually impossible for a bug of this severity to go unnoticed. We are confident that it will go with a future update, even though Xiaomi has not acknowledged the issue officially.

This update can be both in either the form of simply a launcher app update or maybe even a system OTA.

We did highlight in the past how a Chinese MIUI Launcher Alpha update fixed split screen, icon transparency, overlapping buttons, and several other bugs. Hopefully, the MIUI home screen icons reset bug will get the same treatment as well.

For now, your only best bet could be to download and install an older version of the MIUI System Launcher that did not have the home screen icons reset issue. You can do the same via this APKMirror page.

Be sure to uninstall all updates to your existing launcher version though before proceeding.

With that being said, be sure to give a read to our dedicated MIUI 12.5 update tracker now that you have made it to MIUI 12.

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