Google Search results no longer show stock/share chart for some, issue referred for investigation

Google is inarguably the smartest search engine in the tech space as of now and this can mostly be attributed to its ability to give out the most relevant results for a user query.

Of course, this ability is a product of the fact that the search giant typically has the most data among its rivals about a user accumulated over time from services like Google Maps, YouTube, and many more.

I mean Bing isn’t too bad either, but since Microsoft doesn’t usually know you too well, their results may not always be as personalized as Google.


Nonetheless, curated search results aren’t all that Google stands out for as it also has the capability to cherry-pick the most relevant result and display it at the top in an easy-to-read infobox format.

This infobox helps display movie suggestions, job listings, stock price graphs, and whatnot, all of which are derived from Google’s own Knowledge Graph, which is a database of billions of facts about people, places, and things.


Speaking of stock graphs…these are displayed whenever you look-up details pertaining to a stock market like Sensex or even when searching up terms like “Google stock” to look up the share prices for a public company.

This useful little feature of Google Search, adored by stock traders, businesses, and enthusiasts alike, has reportedly stopped working for many users recently.


Google search result no longer shows sensex stock chart when i type “sensex”. Till yesterday it was working fine. But from today 18-Feb-2021, sensex graph is not displayed in search results of google. Also the same with the case of nifty index. Please fix these asap.

Earlier if you would search “Reliance share price” it would show the share price graph at the moment and with other relevant financials. Now when I search for this the share price graph/chart does not appear. Even in Google Finance tab, I am not able to see the share price chart.

As apparent from above, searching up stocks and shares yields no graph atop for many users. Instead, only an overview for the stock is shown with no sign of any chart whatsoever.

Stock graph missing (Source)

This persists even under the “Finance” tab that’s given below the search bar. Moreover, going by the evidence at hand, it seems that the issue is limited solely to India as of now.

Further, going by the dates of these bug reports, the problem seems to have begun only yesterday, February 18.

Nonetheless, the good news is that the matter has already been referred to the Google Search team for investigation.


Hence, a fix should roll out for the problem pretty soon. Of course, it would not require any intervention from your end, so all you need to do now is wait.

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