Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on the planet. Some will argue the fact that it comes pre-installed on all Android devices makes this feat possible.

But truth be told, Chrome still remains one of the best browsers you can find around, be it in terms of features, functionality or even performance.

Chrome has over 5B Play Store downloads

Of course, privacy is not one of Google’s strengths, but this isn’t the reason for penning this piece. As noted, Chrome has plenty of features and one recent addition is known as tab groups.

For the uninitiated, tab groups are here to smoothen the work-flow by organizing tabs into neat assortments for ease of access. But their arrival hasn’t been smooth, so to say.

Not long ago, we reported about users being unable to disable the feature following its rollout. Of course, we did find a way to do this that you can check out here.


Not long after, it also emerged that some Google Chrome users were unable to save tab groups when exiting or restarting the web browser. Again, something that we also found a workaround for our readers.

Now, in yet another fresh development, it appears that some Google Chrome users have had issues with an annoying tab group notification bug over the past few days.

Begging this morning, every time I open a Chrome tab I get a “Did you know you can group tabs in Chrome?” popup. It doesn’t matter whether I dismiss it or click “show me”–it happens every time. I tried clearing the cache and deleting Google cookies. Neither helped. Thanks for suggestions.

@ChromeDevTools how can I get rid of these incredibly annoying notifications: ‘Did you know you can group tabs in Chrome? Learn how to organize your tabs with groups, change Chrome’s color scheme, and more’ Must I go back to firefox?

@Google Have mercy and tell me how to get rid of the “Did you know you can group tabs in Chrome?” message from appearing on every tab I open.

Below is a screengrab of the Chrome tab group notification bug error message that one of the affected users was kind enough to share in the forums.

While its a good thing that Google is notifying Chrome users about a new feature, it gets annoying for those who already have the feature in use or simply want nothing to do with it.

Me: *has been using new grouped tabs in @googlechrome for months

Chrome: Hey, did you know you can group tabs now? Do ya want me to show you?

“did you know you can group tabs in Chrome?” yeah for like 15 fucking years but thanks I guess

On the brighter side, it seems Google was quick to take note of the issue and has already resolved it, at least according to a statement in the support forums by a Google employee.

Thank you for taking time to bring this to our attention, we apologize for any convenience this may have caused. This behavior should now be resolved. We’ve also shared an update on the related bug filed to our Chromium bug tracker.


Since no form of software update has been pushed to Chrome, it seems the fix was administered from the server side so it should show up on your end pretty soon, if not already.

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