Google Assistant shopping list item sorting issue on Android gets officially acknowledged

The Google Assistant remains one of the best, if not the best digital assistants on the market. It has become the go-to hands-free service for many Android users.

This massive popularity explains the complaints that always flood the web whenever one or two Google Assistant features malfunction.

Case in point is the recent removal of Assistant’s beeping/vibration alert to indicate it heard “Hey Google” hotword that left some users unhappy.


There is also the case where some Assistant users reported seeing irremovable ‘ghost’ or duplicate devices in the menu — an issue that has been escalated to responsible persons.

And in yet another recent development, it appears that Google Assistant users are having to deal with another annoying bug on their Android devices.

According to reports doing rounds on various social platforms, the Google Assistant shopping list feature is broken. Going by the reports, it seems the issue has been ongoing for a couple or so weeks.


No Longer Able to Reorder Items in Google Shopping List. I’ve lost the ability reorder items. When I select an item, the horizontal bars longer appear. I’ve tried on both my phone and PC. Has this happened to anybody else? If so, is this a known bug, or an intended feature removal?

Before today, so could sort my shopping list on Android by clicking on an item and dragging it on the list. I use this so when I go grocery shopping, the can put things in order based on where I they are in my store and I don’t miss things on my list. Anyone else missing this feature?

By the look of things, it seems the Google Assistant shopping list feature no longer functions as it used to before. Users could re-arrange items in the list, but this is no longer possible.

Undoubtedly, shopping lists can be quite handy to have in Google Assistant and even other digital assistants, but only when functioning properly.

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, you can easily give a quick “Hey Google, add flowers to my shopping list,” and Assistant will note down that you should get flowers for your lovely partner.

Granted, it is understandable that Google Assistant users are pissed off that the shopping list function is broken for them. On the brighter side, the search giant is aware of the issue.


Responding to one of the several threads in the support forums, a community manager has confirmed that Google is investigating the issue, meaning affected users can expect a fix sooner or later.

As always, we will follow up the matter and update this article when the bug gets fixed. Of course, share with us some workarounds — if any — that may have solved the problem for you in the comments section below.

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